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  • I think this matchup is not getting the attention it deserves. These are two good teams from Power 5 conferences that are very likely to finish the season in the Top 25 in the rankings. Whoever wins will show the rest of their conference that they might actually contend for a division title and will have a nice notch in their belt if they can do something special throughout the season. +…
  • There are a number of SEC vs. ACC matchups over the course of the season. This one may not be the best but it might be the most important because it will help set the tone for the season. At Auburn expectations are very high, they are ranked in the Top Ten, and are expected to push for a playoff spot. +…
  • College Football Betting: Michigan Wolverines vs. Utah Utes Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 8/27/2015 11:11:42 PM
    This may be the start of the Jim Harbaugh era for Michigan but Utah is a proud program that is looking is still looking to prove they belong in the PAC12. A win over a Big Ten team will put the rest of the league on notice that they are not anybody's doormat and that trips into Salt Lake City are not going to be easy this season. +…
  • This game essentially kicks off the NCAA football season (sorry FIU vs UCF) and should be a pretty good contest too. Neither of these teams are expected to challenge for supremacy in their respective conferences (the ACC and SEC) but there will be talent on the field and either one could surprise. +…
  • This video was taken at the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium where Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter tells that year’s class that it’s in their best interest to have a “fall guy” in their crew that would be willing to take the hit for their mistakes and even be willing to go to jail on their behalf if necessary. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: What Have We Learned from the Preseason So Far

    Posted by The Wiesguy: on 8/24/2015 8:39:00 PM
    The exhibition season for all sports seems to get more and more meaningless with every passing season. As I started this piece I was trying to figure out which sport needed it the least and it seemed like the right answer was football, where guys crashing into each other with nothing on the line seems like a pretty bad idea. +…



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