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  • Rex Ryan is the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. He has the truck to prove it. Ryan’s truck received a paint job that fit his new gig and Bills fans have to love the look. Not every head coach publicly buys in to the show surrounding their coaching gigs but this isn’t the first time that Ryan has and it isn’t the craziest thing he has done either after he had a tattoo of his wife wearing nothing but a New York Jets jersey painted on his arm at his last stop. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: Best Wacky Super Bowl Props To Bet On

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 1/30/2015 8:16:17 PM
    You have to love the excess of the NFL and the Super Bowl and part of that spills into the “crazy” prop bets you can make related to the Big Game. Here is a sample of some interesting wagers you can make that will have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Please bet responsibly. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: NFC Super Bowl Props

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 1/27/2015 9:37:13 PM
    Per the similar piece about the AFC, Super Bowl Props are a fun way to add some enjoyment to the Big Game. These days you can almost bet on anything but be careful because that doesn’t mean you should. The overall line on this one is pretty tight but I think Seattle is going to win and take a second championship. Whether you agree or not, the smart way to look at these props is to envision the game not just the final score. Here are the ones that speak to me the most. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: AFC Super Bowl Props

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 1/26/2015 10:01:54 PM
    One of the fun things about the Super Bowl is prop betting. Due to the interest and action on the game the sportsbooks let you to thinslice different components and wager. Usually the limits are lower for this sort of action but who cares because you really shouldn't be wagering a mortgage payment on something trivial like who wins the coin toss. Below are some interesting props based on the performance of the AFC representative New England...Have fun! +…
  • With the NHL All-Star break this week and the rest of the sports world pretty much solely focused on the latest NFL scandal there was only four NBA games on Thursday night including a game between the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers that somehow went down to the wire. +…
  • It seems as though right now all that everybody wants to talk about is “Deflate Gate” and how the New England Patriots may or may not have cheated in the AFC Championship game and others during their run to the Super Bowl. Bill Belichick devoted an entire press conference to addressing the issue of the deflated footballs that were discovered in the win over the Indianapolis Colts +…



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