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  • According to an anonymous source, Mark Sanchez agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. The way Sanchez played last season who can blame this person for remaining anonymous. In a cruel twist of fate Mark Sanchez, one of the most error plagued and accident prone QB’s ever has been signed by a team featuring the NFL’s most unforgiving fan base. The +…
  • Rashard Mendenhall Shocks NFL Fans And Retires At The Age Of 26

    Posted by David Miller on 3/11/2014 8:25:29 PM
    Rashard Mendenhall has shocked the NFL and Arizona Cardinals fans by announcing his early retirement at the tender age of 26. Mendenhall states that he had several reasons for calling it quits, one of which being the unwarranted criticism of fans on the internet. +…
  • Aaron Hernandez Is Involved In Prison Scuffle

    Posted by David Miller on 2/26/2014 8:57:36 PM
    Aaron Hernandez was involved in a prison altercation at the Bristol House of Corrections on Tuesday. According to the Sheriff, Hernandez and another inmate got into an altercation but he didn’t get into any more details. Hernandez is kept away from the general prison population, in segregation as he awaits his murder trial. +…
  • Pete Carroll has waited a long time for his moment in the sun. Carroll’s playing days ended long ago when he was a member of the Pacific Tigers back in 1972. Since then the 62 year old Carroll has held several coaching jobs, bouncing back and forth between NCAA Division 1 schools. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: Pro Bowl Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 1/24/2014 10:22:07 PM
    The Pro Bowl is the dog of All-Star games which is why they are always trying something new to spice it up. Sometimes they change the date but this time they have gone the gimmick route by having Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders choose the teams. To me that makes it interesting for about half a minute longer. The problem is not the dispersal of players, the problem is that it is hard to play real football when there is nothing on the line. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: Super Bowl Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 1/20/2014 8:19:02 PM
    This is a rare occurrence of getting the top teams from each conference in the Super Bowl. Seattle and Denver were the top teams in the regular season and though they have not dominated in the playoffs it is clear that they are a notch above the rest. +…



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