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  • The New England Patriots improved to 10-0 with an impressive 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills in which they were able to overcome another pair of injuries to key wide receivers. They will certainly have to make some significant adjustments if they are going to find a way to stay undefeated again this week. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: Thanksgiving Day Preview

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 11/24/2015 11:48:03 PM
    Thanksgiving always marks a critical point in the NFL schedule and it is often filled with memorable games, but on the surface it does not look like much to look forward to this year. Only two of the six teams involved even have winning records and they are not facing each other.The most we can hope for is that the Bears vs. Packers is a bloody divisional grudge match. +…
  • NFL Football Betting: Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 11/19/2015 7:59:47 PM
    This is a big game for Buffalo this week at New England. They are not going to catch the Pats but they are in a fight with the Jets and others and need this one a lot more than their opponents. They should be jacked up and have revenge on their mind in this road tilt. It takes a lot more than emotion to conquer the Pats though. +…
  • This is a great matchup for Sunday Night’s just too bad the Bengals had to go and ruin it by losing last Monday. As a result these teams enter with vastly different momentums. The Bengals are undoubtedly down and on the road to boot while the Cardinals should be flying high after their huge win on the road in Seattle. +…
  • It is hard to imagine how this game wound up in the Thursday Night showcase time slot. These teams are not very good and more importantly than that, they are not very good to watch. The only thing this game has going for it is that it is a division game. It just won’have any impact on who actually wins the division though. +…
  • College Football Betting: Week 12 Rundown

    Posted by The Wiesguy on 11/16/2015 8:35:37 PM
    After last week’s action it seems like the big winner was Notre Dame. Stanford lost and Baylor lost and I think both of those results will make it easier for the Irish to win out the season and make the playoffs. They are playing at Fenway Park of all places this week. Big stage even if the game might not be much of a challenge. +…



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