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Colorado Rockies
03/31/2014at MiamiL 10 - 1 (135)O (6½)Recap
04/01/2014at MiamiL 4 - 3 (-123)P (7)Recap
04/02/2014at MiamiW 6 - 5 (111)O (7)Recap
04/03/2014at MiamiL 8 - 5 (-114)O (7½)Recap
04/04/2014vs ArizonaW 12 - 2 (-128)O (10)Recap
04/05/2014vs ArizonaW 9 - 4 (-121)O (9½)Recap
04/06/2014vs ArizonaL 5 - 3 (-118)U (9)Recap
04/07/2014vs Chi White SoxW 8 - 1 (-142)U (9½)Recap
04/08/2014vs Chi White SoxL 15 - 3 (-132)O (9½)Recap
04/09/2014vs Chi White SoxW 10 - 4 (-168)O (10)Recap
04/11/2014at San FranciscoL 6 - 5 (152)O (6½)Recap
04/12/2014at San FranciscoW 1 - 0 (115)U (7½)Recap
04/13/2014at San FranciscoL 5 - 4 (144)O (7½)Recap
04/14/2014at San DiegoL 5 - 4 (108)O (7½)Recap
04/15/2014at San DiegoW 3 - 2 (102)U (7)Recap
04/16/2014at San DiegoL 4 - 2 (120)U (6½)Recap
04/17/2014at San DiegoW 3 - 1 (127)U (7½)Recap
04/18/2014vs PhiladelphiaW 12 - 1 (-146)O (10½)Recap
04/19/2014vs Philadelphia N/A
04/20/2014vs Philadelphia N/A
04/21/2014vs San Francisco N/A
04/22/2014vs San Francisco N/A
04/23/2014vs San Francisco N/A
04/25/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
04/26/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
04/27/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
04/28/2014at Arizona N/A
04/29/2014at Arizona N/A
04/30/2014at Arizona N/A
05/01/2014vs NY Mets N/A
05/02/2014vs NY Mets N/A
05/03/2014vs NY Mets N/A
05/04/2014vs NY Mets N/A
05/05/2014vs Texas N/A
05/06/2014vs Texas N/A
05/07/2014at Texas N/A
05/08/2014at Texas N/A
05/09/2014at Cincinnati N/A
05/10/2014at Cincinnati N/A
05/11/2014at Cincinnati N/A
05/13/2014at Kansas City N/A
05/14/2014at Kansas City N/A
05/16/2014vs San Diego N/A
05/17/2014vs San Diego N/A
05/18/2014vs San Diego N/A
05/20/2014vs San Francisco N/A
05/21/2014vs San Francisco N/A
05/22/2014vs San Francisco N/A
05/23/2014at Atlanta N/A
05/24/2014at Atlanta N/A
05/25/2014at Atlanta N/A
05/26/2014at Philadelphia N/A
05/27/2014at Philadelphia N/A
05/28/2014at Philadelphia N/A
05/30/2014at Cleveland N/A
05/31/2014at Cleveland N/A
06/01/2014at Cleveland N/A
06/03/2014vs Arizona N/A
06/04/2014vs Arizona N/A
06/05/2014vs Arizona N/A
06/06/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
06/07/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
06/08/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
06/09/2014vs Atlanta N/A
06/10/2014vs Atlanta N/A
06/11/2014vs Atlanta N/A
06/12/2014vs Atlanta N/A
06/13/2014at San Francisco N/A
06/14/2014at San Francisco N/A
06/15/2014at San Francisco N/A
06/16/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
06/17/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
06/18/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
06/20/2014vs Milwaukee N/A
06/21/2014vs Milwaukee N/A
06/22/2014vs Milwaukee N/A
06/23/2014vs St. Louis N/A
06/24/2014vs St. Louis N/A
06/25/2014vs St. Louis N/A
06/26/2014at Milwaukee N/A
06/27/2014at Milwaukee N/A
06/28/2014at Milwaukee N/A
06/29/2014at Milwaukee N/A
06/30/2014at Washington N/A
07/01/2014at Washington N/A
07/02/2014at Washington N/A
07/03/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
07/04/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
07/05/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
07/06/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
07/07/2014vs San Diego N/A
07/08/2014vs San Diego N/A
07/09/2014vs San Diego N/A
07/11/2014vs Minnesota N/A
07/12/2014vs Minnesota N/A
07/13/2014vs Minnesota N/A
07/18/2014at Pittsburgh N/A
07/19/2014at Pittsburgh N/A
07/20/2014at Pittsburgh N/A
07/21/2014vs Washington N/A
07/22/2014vs Washington N/A
07/23/2014vs Washington N/A
07/25/2014vs Pittsburgh N/A
07/26/2014vs Pittsburgh N/A
07/27/2014vs Pittsburgh N/A
07/28/2014at Chi Cubs N/A
07/29/2014at Chi Cubs N/A
07/30/2014at Chi Cubs N/A
07/31/2014at Chi Cubs N/A
08/01/2014at Detroit N/A
08/02/2014at Detroit N/A
08/03/2014at Detroit N/A
08/05/2014vs Chi Cubs N/A
08/06/2014vs Chi Cubs N/A
08/07/2014vs Chi Cubs N/A
08/08/2014at Arizona N/A
08/09/2014at Arizona N/A
08/10/2014at Arizona N/A
08/11/2014at San Diego N/A
08/12/2014at San Diego N/A
08/13/2014at San Diego N/A
08/14/2014vs Cincinnati N/A
08/15/2014vs Cincinnati N/A
08/16/2014vs Cincinnati N/A
08/17/2014vs Cincinnati N/A
08/19/2014vs Kansas City N/A
08/20/2014vs Kansas City N/A
08/22/2014vs Miami N/A
08/23/2014vs Miami N/A
08/24/2014vs Miami N/A
08/25/2014at San Francisco N/A
08/26/2014at San Francisco N/A
08/27/2014at San Francisco N/A
08/28/2014at San Francisco N/A
08/29/2014at Arizona N/A
08/30/2014at Arizona N/A
08/31/2014at Arizona N/A
09/01/2014vs San Francisco N/A
09/02/2014vs San Francisco N/A
09/03/2014vs San Francisco N/A
09/05/2014vs San Diego N/A
09/06/2014vs San Diego N/A
09/07/2014vs San Diego N/A
09/08/2014at NY Mets N/A
09/09/2014at NY Mets N/A
09/10/2014at NY Mets N/A
09/12/2014at St. Louis N/A
09/13/2014at St. Louis N/A
09/14/2014at St. Louis N/A
09/15/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
09/16/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
09/17/2014vs LA Dodgers N/A
09/18/2014vs Arizona N/A
09/19/2014vs Arizona N/A
09/20/2014vs Arizona N/A
09/21/2014vs Arizona N/A
09/22/2014at San Diego N/A
09/23/2014at San Diego N/A
09/24/2014at San Diego N/A
09/26/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
09/27/2014at LA Dodgers N/A
09/28/2014at LA Dodgers N/A

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