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Win your share of a guaranteed $10,000 CASH prize pool in the easiest contest ever offered by BetOnline.

Simply follow the two quick steps below and you will be automatically entered into a random draw to win a share of the $10,000.

  • Add [email protected] to your email contacts list.
  • Confirm your email or account number below and click “Enter Now”.

Once you complete both steps, you will be automatically entered into a random draw for $10,000. In all, 40 players will be selected and win an equal piece of the $10K – each winning $250 in CASH!

Winners will be announced via email on Tuesday, June 14th. You will need to respond to our email with the message “confirmed” in order to redeem the cash. So once again, make sure you whitelist our email address so you know you won!


* Important: If you do not enter your correct BetOnline account number or email associated with your account, you will not be properly entered into this contest.


Congratulations, You have been registered.