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Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack


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Play Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack is a popular game that makes use of a combination of luck and skill that will intrigue both new and experienced players alike. The reason the game is so popular is that it boasts one of the lowest house edges of all casino games. If you follow a basic strategy, anyone with some skill can learn the art of Blackjack. The game has many different variations, with each offering minor changes. Single Deck Blackjack is played with one deck of cards, therefore offers the best house edge for players.

How to play Single Deck Blackjack

As a player, your main aim in Single Deck Blackjack is the same as any other blackjack game - get as close to 21 as possible to beat the dealer without going bust. Before the game starts you must place your bet and the dealer will deal your cards. The dealer gets one face up card and one face down. Both of the player's cards are face up. The player must now decide whether to stand or hit. This decision should be based on the player's two upward facing cards and the dealer's one upward facing card. Players will also have the option to double down, place another bet or split cards.

Players simply love playing this version of blackjack because it offers the best chances to win. In Single Deck Blackjack, the house edge sits at just 0.15%, tempting players to try their hand time and again.

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