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Pyramid Bonus Poker


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Pyramid Bonus Poker Overview

Pyramid Bonus Poker is an exciting and action-packed video poker game where players can win up to 3 times with one hand.

How to play Pyramid Bonus Poker

The game begins when you decide how many coins you want to play and how much each coin is valued at. Your winning potential increases the more coins you bet and the higher you set the coin values at.

You are dealt 5 cards. Decide which cards to keep, or hold, and which to discard, or fold. The folded cards will be replaced with new cards. If you are happy with your hand you do not need to fold any card - simply click hold for every card. Once you have your ideal hand it will be decided if you win or not according to the 3 score boards.

It is thanks to these 3 score boards that you have the potential to win up to 3 times with one single hand. The score boards refer to different cards of your hand. After each hand you win you have the opportunity to double your money. To do this you must pick a higher card than the dealer.

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