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Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook takes online wagering to unparalleled levels

August 14, 2009 PANAMA CITY, PANAMA - BetOnline.ag is proud to announce the launch of its completely redesigned website. Over a year in the making, the new BetOnline.ag has been built from the ground up. New behind-the-scenes technology improves the overall speed and functionality of the website, while guests will discover numerous exterior improvements which make their efforts easier and more intuitive than ever.

Considerable research was poured into customer feedback, attitudes, behavior, intentions and performance. The results were used to develop a more robust website tailored to the end-user; everything a customer needs and wants from an online wagering portal has been maximized at BetOnline.ag to create an enhanced player experience.

Familiar visitors will witness a greatly improved user-interface. Content is neatly organized and readily available, making navigation throughout the site easier than ever; numerous design advances reduce the amount of time clients use to find the information they’re seeking. CEO Eddie Robbins III expects the upgrades to be well-received by both returning customers and new visitors.

“From the outset the goal was placing information and services at the client’s fingertips,” said Robbins III said. “The resulting effort has lead to a largely personalized on-site experience.”

The revision of how lines are displayed is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Clients can now customize and display the specific events they’re looking for. More importantly, the lines are always easily accessible and legible. Competitors often hide their lines, frustrating clients; BetOnline.ag prominently displays them, making information quicker and easier to digest. Live Lines, Last-Minute Lines, Most-Bet-On tables and more further enhance the user-experience.

Existing customers need not worry—while significant changes have been implemented to improve the overall attraction, BetOnline.ag retains the same great features that made it into a prominent force in the industry. Incentives and rewards, popular casino games, readily available sports lines and world-class customer service remain a staple.

BetOnline.ag is excited not just for the new website but for its customers, who will enjoy a new, greater experience at their online wagering destination. The launch reaffirms BetOnline.ag’s ongoing commitment to be the Best Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook on the internet. BetOnline.ag is extremely grateful to all its clientele, who helped shape this new site, and will continue to value their input for future upgrades.

Visit www.BetOnline.ag to see the transformation.

ABOUT BetOnline.ag
With its management team together since 1991, BetOnline.ag is one of the web's most popular betting destinations, offering wagering on nearly every sport and event possible. BetOnline.ag's odds on everything—from sports, politics, and even reality TV—are frequently quoted in national media outlets like USA Today, The New York Times, FOX News and hundreds more. BetOnline.ag is a privately held company headquartered in Panama City, Panama.

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