Mike McCarthy Says He “Needs” Football. Football Leaves Him On Read


A funny thing happened on the way to the next job for former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy; There was no job. McCarthy thought he’d walk triumphantly out of the Packers’ offices and into another team’s facilities only to have the doorman put his hand square on his chest. It didn’t happen.

And it still ain’t happening.

There are plenty of NFL coaching jobs coming open at the end of the season. Two of them are already sitting there, the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers.

Jobs in Cleveland, Jacksonville, Los Angeles (Chargers), New York (Giants), Detroit and Atlanta could (and probably should) all come available in early January. We could be looking at a Black Monday bloodbath and nobody, no pundit, no expert, no Ian Rappaport or Adam Schefter, has connected McCarthy with any of them.

Isn’t it strange that a coach that won a Super Bowl and compiled a 135-85-2 record isn’t even getting a cursory nod?

Not when it’s Mike McCarthy. Not when you’re the reason Aaron Rodgers only has one Super Bowl ring. Not when a rookie head coach took the exact same team you consistently lost with and has it sitting atop the NFC North at 10-3 with three games to go. Not when your own former quarterback was so outraged by your high school-level playcalls, that he would not only change them in the huddle, but sometimes draw up his own receivers’ routes in the dirt over what you strategically put into the gameplan.

You see, Mike McCarthy is dumb. He’s a stupid man who fell ass-backwards into the job of a lifetime with the best quarterback of the era. That quarterback drug his fat ass up and down the NFL landscape for a decade before the truth finally came out.

As one Packers source told The Bleacher Report, “Mike has a low football IQ and that used to bother Aaron. He’d say Mike has one of the lowest IQs, if not the lowest IQ, of any coach he’s ever had.”

Hard to believe McCarthy’s phone isn’t blowing up right now.

Since nobody’s talking about McCarthy in connection with any open (or soon to open) NFL job, the coach took a break from closing down the men’s room at the local Golden Corral to make his case to the NFL Network.

“I’ve found through this transition (getting fired) is… our family needs this (football),” McCarthy said in the interview. “We need to do this… just ‘cause of everything that’s happened. And this will be a great opportunity for us. … We need football right now.”

But football doesn’t need you, buddy. Get back to the chocolate fountain in the dessert line where you belong.



There’s no reason to overthink it here. The Jets have absolutely no chance to win this game, your argument to take New York at +16.5 are intriguing. Baltimore just came off a tough victory over a hard-nosed Buffalo Bills team and is likely banged up because of it. They’ve had a short week and with a game advantage in the AFC home field race and playoff spot already locked up, maybe they sleepwalk through this one. It’s not enough for a New York win, but it could keep the Ravens from covering. I can guarantee you one thing, John Harbaugh is completely unconcerned about a two TD plus FG spread and will be more than content to just win and hit the couch for 10 days. RAVENS 20 JETS 10

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