NFL Draft: The Potential Franchise Quarterbacks Part 1


Here we are. It’s time to dig in and figure out, using our actual eyes, judgment and the performances put forth on the field to pick the guys that actually could turn into franchise NFL quarterbacks.

It’s a mantra I repeat a lot, but it’s always important to reiterate, especially if this is your first time reading a QB article from me. There are 32 NFL franchises. There are not 32 NFL franchise quarterbacks. There aren’t even 32 NFL starting caliber quarterbacks.

It’s the hardest position in sports. And, frankly, I don’t think a guy can really be developed. If the 30th best QB in America starts for your team, you’re losing 13 games and booing the guy off the field.

A good quarterback is born, not made. He can get better (or worse) certainly, but you can’t mold someone into a quarterback like you can other positions. It just doesn’t work that way. If it was possible, there would be more of them.

And history bears it out that the guy that’s out there in Year 2 as a starter is pretty much the same dude that’s slinging passes in Year 10.

So who are the potential franchise quarterbacks in this draft?

Let’s get the obvious guys out of the way.


2019: 76.3 completion percentage, 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns, six interceptions, 368 rush yards, five touchdowns, 6-4, 216 pounds

I don’t know what more people need to see out of Burrow to make him not only the top quarterback in this draft, but the top player. Yes, Chase Young is awesome and if you already have a quarterback, then absolutely draft that guy.

But if you don’t. Good God, how can you not look at Burrow’s 2019 film and not have your eyes bulge out of your head?

I’ve seen reports, and even some pundits, trying to move another QB that’s not from Hawaii over him. There are even GMs that reportedly do the same. Those general managers, if they really feel that way, should all be fired today. I have never seen an elite QB prospect like this in my lifetime. And the dude has the ring and the hardware to back it up.

What I want you to notice about Burrow, outside of his ability to read a defense, move in the pocket and put a ball on a dime, is the fact that he is an absolute killer. In college football, especially, when run lanes open up for QBs, they’re supposed to take them. Why not pick up 12-15 yards, line back up the sticks and go again.

Burrow has no interest in that. His pocket awareness (my No. 2 most important QB attribute) is so off the charts that he foregoes the scramble for a (sometimes) long first down when it’s there to deliver an absolute killshot down the field.

Look at this. There isn’t a defender in the frame that could tackle burrow for 20 yards if he took off. He doesn’t even consider it. He steps up, moves to the right, and sends a strike downfield for a nearly 70-yard gain.

We continue our look at Burrow in Part 2.

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