Here it is. The last of the NFL Network’s garbage slate of Thursday Night Football games, that have only gotten worse as the young season has wore on. The Denver Broncos and whatever Fudrucker’s Grillmaster they’ve tabbed at quarterback travel to MetLife Stadium, a field that has claimed more victims than Pennywise the Clown over the last two weeks to take on the NFL’s laughingstock New York Jets.


Location: MetLife Stadium, New York, N.Y.

Kickoff: Oct. 1, 8:20 p.m.

Broadcast: NFL Network


As two of the original AFL franchises, the Broncos and Jets have faced off plenty of times. It would have been more, if the two squads had been good at the same time, but that never seems to be the case. Now, at least, they can go both be hot garbage simultaneously and we get to enjoy it displayed in prime time.

Denver leads the all time series 20-16-1, but the Jets won their last match up, a 34-16 victory in New York as San Darnold faced off against Case Keenum in a match up for the ages. Keenum threw for 377 yards, two touchdowns and a pick in the losing effort. Darnold was 10 of 22 for 198 yards, three touchdowns and a pick in the win. Running back Isaiah Crowell was the hero for New York, rushing for 219 yards and a score. Bilal Powell added 99 yards on the ground for the Jets.


The Broncos didn’t open this season planning to tank for Trevor Lawrence, but they might as well lean into it at this point. For the ninth time since the 2016 season, Denver will trot out a new starting quarterback. This time it’s Brett Rypien, nephew of former Washington Football team quarterback Mark Rypien, who won a Super Bowl then promptly fell off the edge of the world. (Actually, he just started to suck and spent his remaining career as a back up).

The guy he’s replacing, Jeff Driskel, isn’t hurt, he’s just garbage. In their 28-10 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Driskel went 17 of 30 for 176 yards and a touchdown with a pick. Rypien came in at the end of the game, going 8 of 9 fro 53 yards and a pick. This is not exactly a “rally around Kurt Warner” scenario. This is a flaming adult diaper covered in Ax body spray.


If you dropped a bet on Adam Gase being the first head coach fired, you might be due a payday come Friday morning. Word out of New York Tuesday is that if Gase loses to the Boncos, the team will load him into the trebuchet and fire him over the castle wall. FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd is even reporting that the team is already contacting the agents of presumably available coaches.

As for the Jets, they’re still the same team. Darnold is terrible and you’d replace pretty much every player on the roster if you took over this franchise in Madden.


The writing is obviously on the wall for Gase, but I say he survives another week. Denver is just too banged up, with a QB that doesn’t even have double digit passes in the NFL. The guillotine is coming, but Gase’ll get another 10 days to look for the best deal on a U-Haul. Jets 23, Broncos 6

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