Which Member of the Trump Administration will be the Next to Go?

Stephanie Grisham became the most recent member of Donald Trump’s administration to go by the wayside earlier this week. In one of his first moves since taking over as the new White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows reassigned Grisham to become Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff, making Kayleigh McEnany the new White House Press Secretary. McEnany is the fourth person to hold this position in a little over three years, and nearly every Cabinet level position has changed hands at least once since Trump was inaugurated. That has led to BetOnline posting odds on the next person to leave the Trump administration.











Alex Azar was originally on this list too, but the Secretary of Health and Human Services has seen a ton of action. Azar was originally 8-1 to be the next person to leave his position, yet those odds were dropping as bettors see him as someone that can be blamed for the government’s poor response to the coronavirus.

While it’s certainly possible that Azar is used as a fall guy, it’s important to note that there has not been too much criticism over the way he has handled this crisis. Left-wing outlets like Slate have called into question his efficacy, but the majority of Americans believe that the Trump administration has handled this outbreak well. Azar has not been singled out by Trump or harangued by the POTUS in any way, so he is likely safe throughout this crisis.

Mark Esper might not be around for much longer though. Military figures don’t have a long shelf life in Trump’s administration, and Esper is under fire for what we’ve seen from the armed forces over the last week. A Navy captain on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt was relieved of command after publicly criticizing the administration’s response, and the Secretary of the Navy was forced to step down after criticizing that captain. Esper has been insulated to this point, but there are growing concerns that the coronavirus is being vastly underreported at military bases, and that could lead to a change.

The economy has stabilized for now after the federal government infused trillions of dollars into it, but there have been some major problems with the Small Business Administration. The loan process has been a nightmare for consumers and banks alike, and that has led to growing criticism of Jovita Carranza. She only took office back in January, but her bureau has completely dropped the ball in this time of crisis, and that will play a factor in thousands of small businesses going under. Carranza has not been highlighted yet, but that will change soon.

The next two members of Trump’s administration listed in these political betting odds are common names on this list. Robert Wilkie and Wilbur Ross are far from beloved figures, but they have shown a resiliency in staying around.

Wilkie has been constantly criticized for his handling of Veterans Affairs since he stepped into the office in July 2018. There have been numerous issues with the department, and to make matters worse, he delivered multiple speeches in support of the Confederacy years ago and then lied to the Senate about them when asked during his confirmation hearing. Wilkie fired his deputy a little more than two months ago for undisclosed reasons, and his position continues to be tenuous.

As for Ross, the current Secretary of Commerce has been repeatedly labeled as out of touch. At the age of 82, he’s not as sharp as he was in previous years, and that occasionally ends with Ross being lampooned during late night shows. He has 12 separate controversies listed on his Wikipedia page since becoming the Secretary of Commerce less than four years ago, and another major slip-up now could be the last straw. Back in January, he stated that the coronavirus was good for the American economy, and a similar proclamation would likely be his undoing.

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