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We're excited to announce the Money May Poker Challenge, coming to you this May 1st through 28th! Play any knock out tournament in our daily schedule (labeled PKO in the tournament’s lobby) to collect points in a weekly leaderboard that runs from Monday at 00:00 ET through Sunday at 23:59 ET.

Here's how it works: every knock out you achieve in these tournaments will award you 1 point for every player you eliminate. Keep track of your progress on the weekly leaderboard (MY MISSIONS in the desktop client or CONTESTS in the mobile one) and aim to reach the top spot for a chance to win signed Floyd Mayweather merchandise!

That's right, the 1st place winner on the leaderboard each week will receive an amazing prize of signed Floyd Mayweather merchandise, including Boxing Gloves, Posters, Boxing Trunks, TMT Hats, and more.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your poker skills and win some amazing prizes!