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It’s simple math – with an assist from our reduced juice NHL odds, you will win and save more on your hockey action at BetOnline than you will just about anywhere else.

From Opening Night until the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals, you will have access to reduced juice money-line and totals – starting as low as 10-cents. There is no need to bet into the industry-standard 20-cent NHL numbers when you can bet the same game at a discount at BetOnline.

Not exactly sure what reduced juice is? Here is an example from a recent Tampa Bay Lightning at St. Louis Blues game.


Lightning -110

Blues -110

Over 5.5 (-115)

Under 5.5 (-105)


Lightning -105

Blues -105

Over 5.5 (-108)

Under 5.5 (-102)

No matter which side(s) you are on, you will most likely get the better price here at BetOnline. Here’s a quick snapshot on how that extra value can turn into big time profits over the long NHL season.

Sportsbook Odds Risk # of bets Win/Loss $ Won $ Lost Profit
Ordinary -110 $55 150 80/70 $4,000 $3,850 $150
BetOnline -105 $52.50 150 80/70 $4,000 $3,675 $325
Ordinary -110 $1,100 150 80/70 $80,000 $77,000 $3,000
BetOnline -105 $1,050 150 80/70 $80,000 $73,500 $6,500

It doesn’t matter if you are a $50 bettor - betting the games for four-figures - or somewhere in between - you will maximize your winnings and savings here at BetOnline!