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$100,000 PKO Thanksgiving Special

Play in any of our PKO Tournaments available all through November and earn leaderboard points to qualify for the ultimate $100,000 PKO Thanksgiving Special Tournament.

  • Starting November 1st 2021, look for PKO Tourneys listed in our daily schedule.
  • Earn 1 point for every knockout.
  • Track your knockouts in our special Weekly PKO Leaderboard.
  • The top 250 players with the most knockouts will earn a seat into a Sunday Shootout Tournament at 1:00 pm ET (every hand is all-in).
  • The final 50 surviving players will earn a spot in our $100,000 PKO Thanksgiving Special scheduled for November 28th, 2021, at 4:00 pm ET.

There are 50 entries up for grabs every Sunday in November, so make sure you get in the top 250 places each week for your random shot at a free seat.

What are PKO Tournaments?

In Progressive Knockout Tourneys, half of the total buy-in goes straight to the regular prize pool and the other half goes to the special Bounty prize pool. Each time you knockout one player you collect 50% of their Bounty, while the other 50% gets added to the prize on your head. This means Bounties get bigger as the tournament plays out, which results in an action-packed event right from the start!

Where do I keep track of my Knockouts each week?

Visit “My Missions” in the Windows and Web poker clients to track your bounties each week. If you are playing from the mobile poker platform go to “Contests” to view this information

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