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Grab Your Share of $85,000 in June

Opt-in in to your favorite leaderboards this month, and earn daily and weekly cash rewards. Our exclusive Poker Leaderboards are all about giving back to our players while they play their favorite poker games.

Starting June 1st, poker players will have the opportunity to opt-in to daily and weekly competitions and collect a share of $85,000 in rewards throughout the month.

Daily Boost and Windfall Leaderboards

Two daily races will reward the top 10 cash game players at Boost tables and Windfall games in June. You must opt-in daily and play specific games to start collecting points in the leaderboard.

Only Boost tables with stake levels $0.10/$0.25 qualify. On the Windfalls side, only $3 and $5 Windfalls award points on the race. Race your way to $500 in cash from both of these leaderboards daily!

$15,000 in Weekly Cash Game Leaderboards

If you are looking to earn some extra cash while you play the poker tables this month then you cannot miss a single week in June.

A $10,000 leaderboard rewards the top 100 No Limit Hold’em players each week and a $5,000 one is available for the top 75 Pot Limit Omaha players.

Remember to opt-in to each leaderboard before your next poker session so that your points are tracked accordingly. Your points in the leaderboard if you make the top 100 or 75 players will determine your share of the prize pool.

The more points you accumulate the bigger your share of the prizes!

$2,500 in Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboards

Sit & Go enthusiasts who love the fast-paced games will have their own competition to race for a share of $2,500 every single week in June!

The top 50 players are paid with tournament dollars based on their points contribution, which means that you are in control of how much you’ll earn each week. Use the Tournament Money (TM) to purchase an entry into any real money tournament.

Where do I find Poker Leaderboards?

Simple log in to the poker platform and find “My Missions” (“Contest” on mobile) in the lobby and opt in for you preferred leaderboard of the day.

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