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Grab Your Share of Over $100,000 This Month

Get ready to ignite your passion for poker like never before! This month, get in on the action and play for daily cash rewards and exclusive tournament tickets into Shootout events that give every poker player the chance to grab a share of $100,000 in leaderboard prizes!

So why wait? Come join the excitement, show off your poker skills, and get your heart racing with every card dealt. The stakes are high, and the rewards are waiting for you!

Daily Boost and Windfall Leaderboards

Boost tables will reward the top players at $0.10/$0.25 stakes every single day this month. Just look for the “Boost” (fast-fold) tag to identify the qualifying tables.

Windfall games will see the top players collect Tourney Money prizes which can be used to play any real money tournament.

You must opt-in daily to start collecting points in each leaderboard.

$100,000+ in Daily Cash Game Leaderboards

If you're looking to earn some serious cash playing cash games, you can't afford to miss a single day this month!

As you play specific stake levels and game types, you will earn points in daily leaderboards where poker players compete on an equal playing field. This gives them more opportunities to collect from the rewards.

No Limit Hold'em games will have a $300, $1,000, and $700 Low, Medium, and High stakes daily leaderboard, while Pot Limit Omaha games will feature a $250, $600, and $500 Low, Medium, and High stakes one.

Each day, the top 100 (top 50 in the high stakes) poker players in every stake level will win a random shot at the prizes via Instant All-In Nightly Shootouts. In each Shootout, only a few players collect a share of the rewards, but the distribution of prizes will be random, allowing any player to win every single day.

Daily Sit & Go Leaderboards

Sit & Go enthusiasts who love the fast-paced games will have their own competition to race for a share of $300 in daily Tournament Money rewards.

The top 50 players daily win a ticket to a Nightly Instant All-In Shootout which will randomly spread the rewards amongst 10 surviving players.

Where do I find Poker Leaderboards?

Simply log in to the poker platform and find “My Missions” (“Contest” on mobile) in the lobby and opt in for you preferred leaderboard of the day.

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