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AL MVP is tired of beanballs in baseball

Posted by Betonline Team on 6/1/2016 6:04:09 AM
AL MVP is tired of beanballs in baseball

Toronto Blue Jays slugger Josh Donaldson wants more protection at the plate. He believes that pitchers are taking aim at batters and it would be hard to argue with him.

After Jose Bautista and Donaldson hit home runs off Phil Hughes, the Minnesota Twins pitcher threw a fastball inside and at Donaldson’s hip and followed that up with a pitch behind Donaldson. It was retaliation for the home runs and for Donaldson looking into the Twins dugout and talking smack to bench coach Joe Vavra.

Donaldson was ejected because the plate umpire thought he was talking to him. After the Hughes incident, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was ejected for the third time in eight days for protecting Donaldson. Home plate umpire Mark Ripperger did not warn Hughes after the two pitchers.

However, Donaldson and Gibbons were ejected.

“Major League Baseball has to do something about this,” Donaldson told reporters. “They say they’re trying to protect players. They make a rule that says you can’t slide hard into second base. They make a rule to protect the catchers on slides into home. But when you throw a ball at somebody, nothing’s done about it. My manager comes out to ask what’s going on and he gets ejected. That’s what happens.”

Brush backing and throwing at players is nothing new. It is one of the old school unofficial rules of the game. Players and coaches don’t like to be embarrassed. They don’t like players taking too long during home run trots. They fire back by plucking the batter next time he gets to the plate.

Often chaos ensues.

“I just don’t get the point,” Donaldson said. “I don’t get what baseball’s trying to prove. If I’m a young kid watching these games, why would I want to play baseball? Why? If I do something well or if somebody doesn’t like something that I do it’s “Oh well, I’m gonna throw at you now.” It doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

These are strong words from the reigning American League Most Valuable Player. He is having a terrific season and his words are being studied by others. Donaldson believed Hughes should have been ejected for back to back inside pitches. Hughes contends the pitches just got away from him.

Here is the problem with that argument. He has walked just 0.9 batters per nine innings since 2014 and has hit just seven batters in 413 2/3 innings.

“My beef is not with Phil Hughes, the pitcher who threw at me,” Donaldson said. “My problem is with how in baseball you have to feel like you’re a tough guy by throwing a pitcher at somebody who is defenseless. I don’t have a chance. I’m not going to throw my bat at the pitcher. And in the American League, the pitcher doesn’t have to bat.”


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