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A-Rod aims for home run record held by Barry Bonds

Posted by BetOnline Team on 3/29/2016 10:11:40 AM
Baseball and bat

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez said he is retiring after the 2017 Major League Baseball season.


But will he? A-Rod is just 75 home runs from breaking the all-time record currently held by Barry Bonds. It is a record he could achieve in three seasons but not two. It is likely that Rodriguez could be 10-15 home runs behind Bonds after the 2017 season. That could be incentive enough for him to return again.

The question is where would he play? Would the Yankees want a player who would be 43 years old and is already showing a slower and less powerful bat? The team seemed to embrace him after recently not wanting him around.

“There are things you just can’t help to think about,” Rodriquez told reporters during spring training in Tampa Florida recently. “Obviously, they’re there. They’re big numbers. But the goal for me this year is exactly what it was last year: come out, work really hard, be in good shape, better be productive in the middle of the lineup and try to help us win games. And whatever the numbers add up to, they add up to.”

Rodriguez might have gotten the record in two seasons if not for a 2014 Major League Baseball drug policy violation. Rodriquez admitted to steroid use but said he has moved on from that part of his career.

There is a chance that the top two home run hitters of all-time could be snarled in the performance enhancement world. Bonds has 762 home runs and A-Rod has 687. There is a chance he could pass Babe Ruth (714) and Hank Aaron (755) before his designated retirement date, which Rodriguez admitted he could delay.

Last season Rodriguez hit 33 home runs, the most since 2010. There are signs he might not be able to duplicate that number.  His production declined the second half of the season. He hit just nine home runs and hit .208.

The Yankees are likely to rest him more this season. He rarely plays third base anymore. Last season, he mostly served as a designated hitter and played just 11 innings in the field. Before his suspension, A-Rod went on the disabled list six times in six years because of two hip surgeries, knee surgery, and a host of other ailments.

Can he stay healthy as a DH? That remains to be seen.

Bonds holds the record for most home runs after turning 40 with 79. A-Rod has 10. Ted Williams and Raul Ibanez hold the single-season records for home runs after 40 with 29 home runs each. All the numbers indicate it will take Rodriguez a third season for the record.

Is it worth it?

“I don’t allow myself to think that far ahead,” Rodriguez said. “Literally, when you’re 40 you’re day to day, so you can’t get too excited.”


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