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Baseball collector crashes MLB military party

Posted by Betonline Team on 7/6/2016 4:29:52 AM
Baseball collector crashes MLB military party

The game at Fort Bragg was meant for military fans and their families, a few members of the media and Major League Baseball personnel. It was supposed to be a Fourth of July weekend and to thank the men and women who make this country safe.

Tickets were non-transferrable. However, that didn’t stop superfan Zack Hample, who collects foul balls, from attending. He posted photos of himself on the Internet at the game with a Fort Bragg baseball in hand.

That angered some armed forces members who want him punished because he took a seat away from a military personnel. But Hample defended himself saying he got the ticket from a friend whose girlfriend did not want to attend the game.

He also said he was going to offer $1,100 to an American Veterans group. Before the game, he offered to purchase a ticket for $1,000. “FYI, I got my ticket through a friend whose unit got ‘em,” Hample said via Twitter. “He was gonna bring his GF who doesn’t like baseball so he took me instead.”

Hample collects baseballs and said he gave away 10 of the 11 balls he got during the Fort Bragg game. He also caught Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit and gave it to the New York Yankees for the right to enter Yankee Stadium early to collect baseballs, some memorabilia, and a donation to the Pitch in for Baseball foundation.

Once he was caught on television, the public went after Hample.

“Zack, that game closed to non-department of Defense Employees and their family,” wrote Marlins Man. “Give any balls u have to kids and leave. NOW.”

“My son is stationed there and couldn’t get tickets – not even one, much less for family,” wrote an angry Beth Lee.

It was a historic game won 5-2 by the Miami Marlins over the Atlanta Braves. MLB built a 12,500 seat stadium at the famous North Carolina military facility and was the first professional sporting event to be held on an active military base.

It cost $5 million to build and it will serve as a sports facility for the families.

Players spent part of their time with military personnel and children took part in a baseball clinic with players.

The game was nationally televised. It paid tribute to the military and a rousing happy birthday greeting for the United States of America.

It was a perfect evening until America caught wind of Hample.


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