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“Dumbass” Slugger Barry Bonds admits to being a jerk

Posted by Betonline team on 6/3/2016 3:55:39 AM
Slugger Barry Bonds admits to being a jerk

Slugger and all-time home run king Barry Bonds finally admitted to what the world already knew.

“I’m to blame for the way I was portrayed because I was a dumbass,” Bonds told Sports On Earth’s Terence Moore. “I was straight stupid, and I’ll be the first to admit it.”

Bonds was one of the rudest and angriest ball players in the history of sports. He barked at the media on an almost daily basis. He even angered teammates while acting like a spoiled brat. His attitude hurt his image and will make it more difficult for him to overcome accusations of steroid use and get into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

The very media he scorned now votes on his future.

Nobody liked the guy and his sour attitude is to blame.

“I mean I was flat-out dumb,” Bonds said. “What can I say? I’m not going to try to justify the way I acted toward people. I was stupid. It wasn’t an image that I invented on purpose. It actually escalated into that, and then I maintained it. You know what I mean? It was never something that I really ever wanted. No one wants to be treated like that because I was considered to be a terrible person. You’d have to be insane to be treated like that. That makes no sense.”

Bonds is now the hitting coach with the Florida Marlins after what should be a Hall of Fame career. He finished as Major League Baseball’s home run king with 762 dingers and was a seven-time National League Most Valuable Player and 14-time All-Star.

Bonds began his career as a sleek hitting All-Star with the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, there is speculation he began using steroids after watching Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire garner national attention with their home run competitions that played out before the world.

Bonds bulked up and shattered all of their records. He also passed Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron on the all-time home run list. But along the way he shattered people and that limited his endorsement power.

“Hell I kick myself now because I’m getting great press (since being more cooperative) and I could have had a trillion more endorsements, but that wasn’t my driving force,” Bonds said. “The problem was when I tried to give in a little bit, it never got better. I knew I was in the midst of that image, and I determined at that point that I was never going to get out of it.”

Bonds now says he takes responsibility for his actions.

“So I just said ‘I’ve created this fire around me and I’m stuck in it, so I might as well live with the flames,” he said.


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