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Bright Future for New York Yankees

Posted by BetOnline Team on 3/14/2017 3:31:18 AM
New York Yankees stadium

The New York Yankees are selling the future to fans all the while planning on competing this baseball season. This is the organization that parades super stars in front of fans from Derek Jeter to Alex Rodriguez from CC Sabathia to Roger Clemens.

Now General Manager Brian Cashman is talking about a bright present and bright future with young players he believes have a top notch upside. Now he talks about guys like Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Gleyber Torres because they are part of the booty he acquired when he traded way Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller, who both appeared in the 2016 World Series between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.

In addition to having money and cache to attract free agents, the Yankees also have a farm system to fall back on.

“Listen,’ Cashman told the New York media during spring training. “One hundred and sixty two games is a long way. But I honestly believe it’s going to be a fun journey for us. We’re going to witness exciting growth spurts and missteps and take the next forward step. That’s where the exciting uncertainty comes in, involving some younger players who don’t have track records. But around them we have a collection of really good players capable of a lot. Our fans are gonna’ grow with these young guys, struggle with them and grow with them.”

First baseman Greg Bird is crushing doubles and home runs after a year away from baseball following shoulder surgery. Catcher Gary Sanchez brought excitement to Yankee Stadium late last season and there is Aaron Judge who simply pulverizes baseballs when he is not striking out.

“I have a very health, optimistic curiosity about our team,” Cashman said. “I think I have some talented, passionate, hungry kids who are going to ignite a lot of attention. Those players are going to get the chance to push themselves into the mix and ignite our fan base. That’s where the optimism comes from, and the curiosity.”

With young comes controversy. Youngster Clint Frazier’s hair is so long that he sometimes wears it in a man bun. That is no big deal in most club houses, but the Yankees have had a long standing policy of requiring players to wear their hair short. Frazier is tired of answering questions about his hair and the big question is will the parent club allow him to play with the Major League Team or force him to trim his locks?


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