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Luckless Indians and Cubs fight to end one of the longest championship droughts in sporting history

Posted by Betonline team on 10/28/2016 6:03:09 AM
Luckless Indians and Cubs fight to end one of the longest championship droughts in sporting history

One of the longest droughts in sports is about to be broken. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 108 years. The Cleveland Indians won one 68 years ago.

They are meeting each other in the 2016 World Series. Something must give. The Cubs last won when Al Capone and Henry Ford were working. They already have their work cut out because Cleveland won the game 1 6-0 behind the brilliant pitching of Corey Kluber and the two home runs by light-hitting Roberto Perez, who batted .183 as a reserve catcher.

Cub fans are coming out of the woodwork to lend support to one of the most poorly run but most loveable franchises in professional sports. A few weeks earlier, most cheered on Cleveland which has never won a pro title until the Cavaliers stunned the Golden State Warriors in 7 games to win the NBA title this year.

And the guy leading the charge was LeBron James whose jersey was burned in anger when he left the franchise for Miami in 2010. He’s been a hero since his return and won a title in his second season back.

Can Cleveland handle two titles in one year?

So far, the magic is happening because of unlikely heroes. James was in Miami. Kluber was in the minors discovering the two-seam fastball and Perez were scuffling trying to gain his hitting touch. Now they are a major part of “Believeland’s” sports revival.

James and other Cavs showed up to baseball games to pump up the crowd and encourage players during their run.

However, the Cubs remain national favorites and still have a chance of winning because of superior pitching and defense. Owner Tom Ricketts paid about $875 million for the ball club then spent another $700 million in the stadium and areas outside the stadium. That does not include the $180 million payroll that pays for a team that is solid from top to bottom.

He also hired General Manager Theo Epstein from the Boston Red Sox, a workaholic sabermetrics guy who uses the numbers and builds around characters too.

Let’s not get it twisted. Money along with vision put the Cubs in a position to win, something the franchise lacked until Ricketts bought the team.

The Indians and Cubs in the World Series. What else can happen? Maybe Northwestern makes its first NCAA men’s basketball tournament; the Detroit Lions win their first playoff game since 1991, and the Toronto Maple Leafs win their first Stanley Cup in 43 years.


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