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Major League Baseball shaves seconds off games with new intentional walk rule

Posted by Betonline Team on 2/24/2017 11:50:38 PM
Major League Baseball shaves seconds off games with new intentional walk rule

Younger baseball fans believe the game is too slow for them, so what does Major League Baseball do? It makes a rule change that does not fix the problem although it is a rule that will shave off in some games.

Pitchers no longer need to throw four outside pitches when they want to intentionally want to walk a batter. Now all teams need to do is send a signal from the dugout. The rule was made by MLB to shave time off games. Here is the problem. This solution is so minuscule.

There were 932 intentional walks last season during 2,428 baseball games or 3,728 pitches. That comes to 1.54 pitches per game, which means you are shaving just a few seconds off games. That is barely enough to notice.

The real problem as to why baseball games take longer is because of television commercials between each half inning, multiple visits to the mound by managers and pitchers and batters that take mini timeouts between each pitch.

Baseball won’t shave time between innings because that means less revenue. And the Player’s Union is against a pitch clock to keep pitchers throwing at a quicker pace.

Baseball fixed a bullet wound with a band aid and did not fix its problem of a slower pace and longer games.

Baseball ruined a part of the game, which sometimes delivers comedy and drama. Pitchers and catchers are normally in sync and can execute the intentional walk. But sometimes they miscue which has allowed base runners to advance.

Sometimes batters reach out to poke a ball into the outfield for a hit or a home run.

Baseball games are 15 minutes on average than they were 30 years ago. Is that really a cause for panic? Commissioner Rob Manfred seems to think so because younger fans want more pace and he fears losing them.

Baseball could start by enforcing rules already on the books. For instance, hitters are not allowed to step out of the batter’s box, but the game allows them to. Umpires are not allowed to tell players to move along as they were allowed back in the day.

So what does baseball do? It makes a new rule that will shave 30 seconds off the average game.


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