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Minnesota Twins owner is angry and upset with team struggles

Posted by Betonline team on 5/14/2016 2:50:27 AM
Mad Max skunks old teammates with 20 strikeout night

There were expectations in the Twin Cities as the Minnesota Twins hoped to challenge Kansas City and the Chicago White Sox for the American League Central Division title. The Twins (83-79) finished second behind the Royals and wanted to take it a step further.

However, the Twins () have the second worst record in baseball behind the once brave Atlanta Braves (7-21) and the season appears to be over before the kids even get out of school. Owner Jim Pohlad admitted his anger and frustration following a 16-4 loss to the Houston Astros.

His people have tried to tell Pohlad that it is a long season and that the Twins can turn it around, but he’s not buying it.

The Twins are also a team baseball fans do not take seriously. Yes, they’ve had their moments which include a World Series in 1991 and six Central titles from 2002 to 2010. But the Twins are the little train that tries and usually fails early in the playoffs.

“I understand all that stuff about a long season and all that,” Pohlad told Twincities.com. “If by the end of the season they got back to .500 or something like that, would we call that a successful season? No. Recovering from what you created for yourself is not a success.”

During trying times, fans go after the manager. Detroit Tiger fans are frustrated with manager Brad Ausmus and want him fired, especially after a few miscues during a nationally televised 5-4, loss to the Washington Nationals which was their seventh straight loss.

The same frustration can be felt in Minneapolis and St. Paul with second-year man Paul Moliter. He was credited with preventing the ship from sinking after taking over from legendary manager Ron Gardenhire. Now he is being blamed for a slow star.

He tried to breathe life into the club by inserting veteran first baseman Joe Mauer into the leadoff position because he is the team’s best hitter and is batting .450 with an on-base percentage of .607.

“I’m pretty open to see how it plays out,” Mauer said. “A little bit curious. I think there’s some logic to it, given the fact of where we are. Eight wins here the past month into the season. I want to see how it goes.”

Pohlad remains bullish on Moliter and told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that Moliter can stay as long as he likes.

“You probably know Paul as well as I do. He’s very emotional and I’m sure he’s distraught over this,” Pohlad said. “He’s got all the attributes you want in a manager. I know (general manager) Terry Ryan’s hurting too. But I’ve yet to experience an attitude of “Oh, well, next year will be better. I have not experienced that in our organization, ever. I can tell you that.”

Expectations were raised when the Twins finished above .500. But they were never a threat; they rode a hot May when the club was 20-7. However, the team was five games below .500 the second half of the season and lost four of their last five games.

“Maybe we overemphasized last season,” Pohlad said. “But nonetheless, forgetting all that, you expect to go from there in terms of being better. Surprised, frustrated, disappointed. Upset? Yeah, upset’s an OK word. I certainly wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression we weren’t upset.”


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