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Pete Rose remains baseball’s hit king

Posted by Betonline Team on 6/19/2016 3:44:40 AM
Pete Rose remains baseballs hit king

OK. We get it. Pete Rose is a lying cheat that broke the gambling rules of baseball and is banned from the game.

He cannot manage. He cannot get into baseball’s Hall of Fame. But he remains the game’s hit king despite a silly debate to the contrary. People like Japanese star Ichiro, who some are claiming is baseball’s hit king.

It is not true. Rose’s 4,256 hits all came against Major League pitching in Major League ballparks with MLB drama surrounding his career. Ichiro has 4,257 hits and counting with the Miami Marlins. But 1,278 of those hits came in the Japanese Pacific league. It is a fine league with fine players, some of whom actually made MLB rosters.

However, it lacks the depth of Major League Baseball and is on par with good minor league teams. Some baseball people say Ichiro is professional baseball’s all-time hits leader. That isn’t even true if you count Rose’s 427 hits in the minor leagues.

That is professional ball because players get paid to play, just as they do in Japan. Ichiro is a fabulous ball player and deserves enshrinement into the Hall of Fame. However, Charlie Hustle takes the cake.

“I’m not trying to take anything away from Ichiro,” Rose told USA Today. “He’s had a Hall of Fame career, but the next thing you know you’ll be counting his high school hits.”

There is a good chance that if Ichiro played his entire career in the MLB he’d be the hits king. But he didn’t. Ichiro delayed his career in the States and it cost him.

At age 42 he remains a marvel to watch. The man slaps the ball all over the ballpark like a surgeon cutting out a tumor. He sacrifices power just to get on base. Ichiro is simply the best slap or contact hitter in the game.

“Could you imagine if he were to come here right away?” Anaheim Angels slugger Albert Pujols said. “I think he would have easily broke Pete Rose’s record. Ichiro was pretty much the Pete Rose when he came up. You appreciate what both players did. Whether it’s Japan or here in America, 3,000 hits are a lot of hits. It doesn’t matter where you do it.”

Actually, it does. A lot of records would be altered if hits overseas were allowed. What would happen if teams allowed Negro League or minor league stats? Things would be all out of whack.

Both men have accomplished a lot and should be applauded. Ichiro is 42 years old and has played 24 years. Outside of the gray hair, he looks like he could play several years more.

And if he does and passes Rose legitimately then he should be applauded for a wonderful feat.


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