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D’Angelo Russell broke the Bro Code and lost trust of Lakers teammates

Posted by Betonline team on 4/8/2016 4:56:06 AM
Lakers Bro-code

Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell broke the Bro Code and now he cannot be trusted by teammates who shun him. He was supposed to be the next Magic Johnson but Russell secretly taped teammate Nick Young talking about being with other women besides Young’s fiancée, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Somehow the conversation made its way to the Internet and all hell broke loose in the Lakers locker room.

There is an unwritten NBA code. What goes on the road stays on the road. Russell let a sacred trust out and now teammates have shut him out and barely speak to him. Instead of Russell being the future of the Lakers, they must now figure out a way to trade him, although new teammates cannot trust him either.

The Lakers turned on Russell then went out and were beaten by the Utah Jazz by 48 points. What was Russell thinking? That’s the problem. He was not thinking and Laker insiders say he has the mindset of someone who is 12 years old.

"I'm as sick as possible. I wish I could make things better right away but I can't," Russell told reporters prior to Wednesday's game against the Miami Heat.

"It wasn't something for everyone else to see. (Nick and I) talked a little bit. I let him know my apologies. I don't know if they were accepted. That was an incident of playing too much goes wrong."

Russell secretly recorded Young while they sat in a hotel room. He told him afterwards that he recorded him and a puzzled Young said “huh?” It was supposed to remain private but didn’t.

“I have no clue how it got out,” Russell told the media. “If I did, I would definitely tell you guys. But I have no clue.”

Russell apologized to Young. Lakers coach Byron Scott is upset this became an issue although the Lakers season was over weeks ago. When asked about the controversy, his voice rose and he became angry.

“It’s an internal problem, we’ll handle it from in-house,” Scott told reporters. “If you want to ask me about the Miami game that we’re playing tonight, let’s talk about Miami and basketball. If not, then this interview is basically over with.”

Russell’s career in Los Angeles could be over with also. There are so many layers to this story. How can Russell be the face of this franchise? How can teammates even trust him and what locker room wants him now?

“We joke around and play around all the time and said crazy things,” Russell said. “This just got in the wrong hands. It wasn’t a prank or something for everybody to see. This was for my eyes and his eyes only. There’s really no explanation for the topic of that discussion. But we play around and we joke and we laugh. We say things that we don’t really repeat. That was just an incident of playing too much goes wrong. I take the full blame for that and recording the video. But leaking the video wasn’t me.”

Russell was selected second in last year’s draft and his play has been uneven at best. The Lakers expected more even though he showed some signs of improved play recently and Scott believed he was maturing as a player. Obviously, he is not maturing as a person.

This comes as Kobe Bryant is making his exit from the NBA into retirement. Many players said they did not want to play for the Lakers because of the presence of Kobe. Now they won’t want to play in Los Angeles because of Russell – if he stays.

Scott told reporters he has not talked to Russell about the bro code violation and does not plan to.

“Haven’t talked to him, won’t talk to him,” Scott said. “That’s an internal matter that our guys will deal with. Just going to leave it at that.”

Russell is working behind the scenes to make it all better. But is it too late?


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