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Duke’s Coach K apologizes after being caught in a lie

Posted by BetOnline Team on 3/30/2016 4:15:56 AM
Caught lying?

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewsiki lied, hung a kid out to dry and thought he could get away with it. But we have these things called high definition televisions, boom microphones and the Internet. They all teamed up to catch coach K in a big fib.

He finally apologized for calling University of Oregon player Dillion Brooks a liar because indeed Coach K was the liar in a regrettable ending to the Blue Devils basketball season. Brooks, at the instruction of his coach Dana Altman, launched a three-point shot before the shot clock expired putting an exclamation point to the Ducks 79-68 victory that sent them to the Elite Eight.

Afterwards, Krzyzewski told Brooks in the handshake line: “You’re too good of a player to do that. You’re too good of a player.”

It was caught on cameras. We heard it. We saw it. There is no such thing as a private moment on a basketball court.

Brooks apologized and retold the incident to reporters afterwards. The kid did the right thing after doing the wrong thing.

"He just told me that I'm too good of a player to be showing out at the end," Brooks said. "And he's right. I've got to respect Duke."

When asked about it during his post-game press conference, Coach K angrily denied the conversation with Brooks, in essence saying the kid was a liar. It was obvious that Krzyzewski scolded Brooks, which is a no-no in sports.

And Coach K was probably angry for losing to the Ducks, a team with little basketball tradition.

You can call out your players but not those of another team. That is Altman’s job, something he could not do because he gave Brooks the green light. That was also caught on camera. Coach K should have scolded Altman who is the coach or the official who did not call traveling on Brooks after he took three steps to shoot the three. That shot should never have counted in the first place.

“Today, I spoke with Oregon head coach Dana Altman and apologized to him for my remarks to Dillon Brooks following our game,” Krzyzewski said in a statement released by Duke. “It is not my place to talk to another team's player and doing so took the focus away from the terrific game that Dillon played. In the postgame press conference, I reacted incorrectly to a reporter's question about my comment to Dillon. Clearly, the story that night was about Oregon advancing to the Elite Eight, and the outstanding game they played. I sincerely hope I did not create a distraction for Coach Altman and his team at this critical time of year. Certainly, I have the utmost respect for the Oregon program and their tremendous accomplishments.”


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