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Kobe Bryant warns red hot Golden State Warriors

Posted by Betonline Team on 3/10/2016 5:46:29 AM

Last week Golden State Warriors all-everything player Draymond Green went off in the dressing room.

He was angry with his coach. He was angry with his teammates and exploded during a profanity-laced filibuster that echoed in teammates’ ears and bled into the media.

He later apologized.

It was unnecessary. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant told Green as much after the Lakers stunned the basketball world with a 112-95 victory over the Warriors at Staple Center in Los Angeles. This is one of those “this is why they play the game” scenarios that sometimes play out in sports.

A 51-loss team beats a 55 win team that is full speed ahead trying to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for most wins in a season at 72. On this night, before a joyous home crowd, the underdog stood tall and won.

But something else important happened that night. Bryant, the aging star that is retiring after the season, validated the Green tirade a few days earlier. He believes teams need that edge. They need the guy that is going to bring the heat when needed.

“He’s the guy that has to keep his finger on the nerve with this team,” Bryant said of Green. “Because it can get lax. It can get comfortable and I think he’s the one that is going to have to have conflict, that controversy in the locker room because if they don’t have that in the playoffs, then they are going to be in trouble. He’s got to give them that conflict.”

Everybody knows about Steph Curry, a man that can drop 50 points at the drop of a hat. They also know about Klay Thompson, the man who makes up the second half of the Splash Brothers. However, Green is the straw that stirs the drink.

He can play multiple positions and his voice is loud enough and respected enough where players listen and follow. Maybe he got out of control for one night. However, he must keep up a slow burn if the Warriors are to repeat as champions.

Bryant wants to play in the remaining games for the Lakers but there is no guarantee. He has a sore right shoulder that makes even turning on the radio difficult. “I was riding in my car and if I reached out to turn on the radio, I couldn’t move my arm,” he told the Los Angeles media. “It is not a good thing.”

There is something strange going on that could bring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony together. All three are in situations that could be exploding.

James was given the keys to the car and the Cleveland Cavaliers cannot stand one another. He got one coach fired and brought in a friend, insiders say. Now he is the Shakespeare of the NBA with strange tweets that have everybody scratching their heads.

Wade must play with Chris Bosh, who is sidelined, and Anthony was forced to apologize for a playful gesture when he told a fan to ask owner James Dolan for a refund because the New York Knicks are so bad. They are all in tough spots. Two of the pieces could move.

James and Wade are free agents, although Wade said he wants to finish his career with the Heat. He did host James in Miami during an in-season workout. That’s rare.

That is one of many reasons why some believe Melo, The King, and D-Wade could become a team next season, somewhere and somehow.

Stay tuned.


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