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Cavaliers win title for their fans in Cleveland

Posted by Betonline Team on 6/21/2016 4:03:53 AM
Cavaliers win title for their fans in Cleveland

This NBA title was about history and overcoming impossible odds.

It fixed a legacy and crushed a sports drought as big as the Grand Canyon.

It was for the city of Cleveland, which has not seen a championship of any kind since 1964.

The Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians last won titles before the ATM and before most of us were born. That is why the celebration for the Cavaliers Game 7, 93-89 victory over the Golden State Warriors was so rabid and special and will continue for weeks.

Thousands gathered outside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, thousands of miles from where the Cavs celebrated the team’s first championship.

This was for Finals Most Valuable Player LeBron James, who has rebuilt his legacy amidst harsh criticism when his team fell behind 3-1 in the series. He was slipping into a dungeon of being 2-5 in the Finals, which would not be acceptable for someone calling himself “The King” and the best in the game.

James led his team along with a healthy boost from guard Kyrie Irving, who hit the game-winning shot in the final seconds of Game 7 with regular season MVP Steph Curry guarding him. This was the greatest comeback in NBA Finals as the Cavs won the final three games.

This came six years after heartbreak in Cleveland. That is when the homegrown James left the Cavs for the Miami Heat. Hundreds of his jerseys were burned by angry Cavalier fans and owner Dan Gilbert wrote a scathing letter saying the Cavs would win a title before James and the Heat. It didn’t quite work out that way but all is forgiven.

James is no longer the Ohio traitor.

“In today’s world, social media, people get judged so much by the last thing that happened, I almost feel in a way, young people get to see that not only is it OK to fail, that’s the way you get to championship success, whether it is sports or business or life,” Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert told Cleveland.com. “Everybody made mistakes for years but by making them everybody learned, myself, the franchise, coaches, players, LeBron, everybody. And now here we are, only because we learned.”

James left the Cavs in 2010 and won two titles with the Heat. He has gone to six straight NBA Finals, the most of any player in the last 50 years. It happened in Cleveland because Gilbert and James buried the hatchet and worked together. In addition to winning a title, Gilbert saw the value of his franchise nearly double when James returned.

James did not care about the past.

“That don’t matter, that’s yesterday’s newspaper,” James said. “I don’t think anybody’s reading yesterday’s newspaper. They’ll be reading tomorrow that I’m coming home. I’m coming home with what I said I was going to do.”

In 2014 he returned to Cleveland and promised to win a title for northeast Ohio. He kept his word and led the charge by averaging 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.3 blocks and 2.6 steals.

As James celebrated on the court he screamed: “Cleveland this is for you.”

All is forgiven.


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