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NBA Basketball Betting: Daily Picks for Tuesday December 22

Posted by The Wiesguy on 12/22/2015 6:25:29 AM

This is a really light day in the NBA. Both Philadelphia and the Lakers are in action so there is going to be some easy games for a couple of teams. I guess something has to be done so the league gets the matchups they want for their annual Christmas Day showcase. Tonight might be a night to complete the holiday shopping.

Game 1: Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat

A couple of weeks ago these teams squared off in Detroit and it was a big win for the Pistons. Both are in that second tier in the Eastern Conference and it is these games that will determine playoff seeding etc. The Pistons are definitely coming into this one playing better but their last game might have left them a little winded, they needed four overtimes to defeat the Bulls on the road. This is the first of a tough back to back so they could shut it down if things are not looking good early.

Prediction: This is a relatively young team so I think they will be fresh enough in this one. Andre Drummond was a beast for Detroit the last time they played and I don’t think the Heat have magically figured out how to keep him from being so. Pistons are probably underdogs too.

Game 2: Dallas Mavericks vs. Toronto Raptors

Toronto may lead the Atlantic Division but they are a tough team to handicap. In their last game they hit a low point losing to Sacramento at home. Once again it was a terrible first quarter that killed them but having Kyle Lowry get ejected didn’t help either. This is a game where they definitely need a rebound performance. They won and covered at Dallas early in the season in a game that they ran away with late. They are the better team, let’s hope they actually play like it.

Prediction: Hopefully the tragic loss to the Kings creates a buying opportunity on Toronto. They were -2 on the road at Dallas and I expect this one to be -5 or -6. Take it. this team often rebounds off bad performances.

Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

Sorry, it was either this game or Memphis vs. Philadelphia. This one seemed to be more likely to be competitive plus there is the whole Kobe retiring angle. The Nuggets have been OK of late splitting their last ten with a roster that does not seem to make any sense. Rookie Emmanuel Mudiay has really struggled (shocker) but the team has responded to the likes of Jameer Nelson at the point. I am not sure which of these two teams has a brighter future but I know who I like on Tuesday night.

Prediction: That would be L.A. I know it might be a shock but the Nuggets are really walking wounded right now. L.A. will get five or six points to work with (maybe more) and even though this game might not be worth watching I think they are worth a shot.


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