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NBA Numbers

Posted by Betonline Team on 4/18/2016 2:44:47 PM
NBA by the numbers

Now we see one more reason why LeBron James left Miami for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team sports the best NBA jersey, according to me. The Cavs actually took a step back when they got rid of the two-color pattern around the neck and armpits, but it is still a bright and distinctive jersey, beating the more tradition looks of the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors.

The Milwaukee Bucks who are near the bottom of our list is changing their jersey look for next season along with the Atlanta Hawks. For both, it is not a moment too soon. The Bucks have always had one of the worse jerseys. The smiling buck with his legs crossed looked more like the logo for a dance team than an NBA team.

No one noticed how bad the Hawks jersey is because people in Atlanta don’t care enough about the team

My criteria in my rankings are simple. Does the jersey look good and would I wear it?

Enjoy and come up with your own rankings.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: This is a sharp looking jersey whether in maroon or gold. It looks better with the multi-colored stitching around the neck and sleeves.
  2. Chicago Bulls: It is difficult for someone from Detroit to admit but the black and red of the Bulls uniform looks traditional and fresh. Bennie the Bull needs top billing again. No wonder it is a top seller.
  3. Golden State Warriors: The Golden Gate Bridge is a perfect match logo. Could you imagine sporting the Ambassador Bridge on the Pistons jersey? OK. Maybe not.
  4. Brooklyn Nets: It is an old school look with black numbers on a white jersey or vice versa. It just sort of pops and makes a bad team look good.
  5. Miami Heat: The fireball going through the hoop is an underrated logo. Black jersey with newfangled Miami across the chest is a classic.
  6. San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs uniform is like the team. It is understated in traditional black and white colors but it works like Tim Duncan.
  7. New York Knicks: There is nothing fancy but the traditional blue jersey and orange lettering represents the Big Apple well. The Knicks logo on the pants is another classic.
  8. Detroit Pistons: Note to owner Tom Gores. No teal. The red, white and blue is classic and makes the Pistons look like a real basketball team.
  9. Boston Celtics: The green and white works whether it is Boston or Celtics stitched across the front. Once again, why not feature the leprechaun, which one of the most famous mascots in sports?
  10. Phoenix Suns: There are too many colors and PHX on the chest reminds you of an airport code. But it works. Sometimes too much noise fits just right.
  11. Atlanta Hawks: They will parade white, grey and maroon jerseys this season with a funky triangle pattern. It looks strange but it could be a cool jersey to walk around in.
  12. Charlotte Hornets: The purple seems to drown out the Carolina blue numbers but it still looks good. The white homes have a crisper look.
  13. New Orleans Pelicans: The designer makes the jersey look like you are walking down Bourbon Street with a bit of gold around the neck and numbers.
  14. Toronto Raptors: The ripped ball logo on the shorts is underrated. The black jersey is best with red and grey piping. The Raptors lettering gets lost on the red.
  15. Portland Trailblazers: You either love it or hate it. But black and red looks good against a logo that looks like one of those funky scanning squares on a can of corn.
  16. Los Angeles Lakers: It only ranks this high and is a best seller only because Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant wore it. The white jersey is better than the gold. Overrated otherwise.
  17. Utah Jazz: The Jazz notes are another underrated logo. Even though it was designed for New Orleans the bright colors make it a fit for the mountains of Utah.
  18. Denver Nuggets: The Carolina blue seems to match the mountains of Denver. It is a step up from the ugly white caps logo from yesteryear.
  19. Memphis Grizzlies: The home jersey looks like something grandma would make for Christmas. The road blues are not bad.
  20. Orlando Magic: The pen stripes work for the Yankees, not so much for the Magic unless it is the road black uniform.
  21. Dallas Mavericks: Nice looking blue similar to the Dallas Cowboys. You would think a team with Mark Cuban as the owner would have more punch.
  22. Philadelphia 76ers: At least they moved on from the Allen Iverson stars and waves. The traditional Sixers logo remains a classic.
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves: There is something Nordic about the lettering but the howling wolf never did it for me.
  24. Indiana Pacers: I once bought a Pacers jersey only because the George Foster was on sale. It is a middle of the pack design but at least they got rid of the yellow strip across the chest.
  25. Oklahoma City Thunder: The traditional home and road jerseys pack no thunder. But it is much better than the alternatives that feature Thunder down the side. Yuck.
  26. Milwaukee Bucks: The old Buck wasn’t very masculine and looked too friendly. However, last year’s jerseys didn’t do anything for anybody. Time for a change.
  27. Sacramento Kings: The purple and black is solid with the Kings logo on the paints. But it reminds me too much of a Kansas State jersey.
  28. Houston Rockets: It just doesn’t do anything for me. The arm design has no flare or pop. They might want a makeover too.
  29. Los Angeles Clippers: The script Clippers lacks punch because you can barely see it. It makes it look like Donald Sterling and Elgin Baylor is still running the team. No imagination.
  30. Washington Wizards: Too many colors with the blue on top and red on the bottom. It looks like something Britney Spears might wear on a bad night.


  1. Robert Parish: The Chief won four titles and was a nine-time All-Star with the Boston Celtics and never cracked a smile.
  1. Moses Malone: He wore plenty of numbers and was a monster in the post for 21 years in the ABA and NBA.
  2. Allen Iverson: He was the quickest man on the planet and scored in buckets. He did not fare as well in the casinos.
  3. Adrian Dantley: He was slow and deliberate in the post but very effective.
  4. Kevin Garnett: One of the first fluid big men who was dangerous inside and out.
  5. Bill Russell: Won more titles than anybody with the Boston Celtics and played great interior defense.
  6. Pete Maravich: He played with floppy socks, hair and a flare.
  7. Kobe Bryant: His fans believe he is every bit as great as Michael Jordan. He won five titles and two scoring titles.
  8. Bob Petit: He won the league’s first MVP trophy
  9. Walt Frazier: This dude was smooth on the court and off the court with classic suits.
  10. Isiah Thomas: He led the Pistons to two titles and is the greatest Piston of all time.
  11. John Stockton: Piled up a lot of assists with Karl Malone in the pick and roll.
  12. Wilt Chamberlain: He once scored 100 points and was one of the first great giants of the game.
  13. Oscar Robertson: The Big O once averaged a triple-double.
  14. Vince Carter: His dunks helped coin the phrase half a man, half amazing.
  15. Bob Lanier: They called him the Dobber as he bobbed and weaved inside at Cobo Arena for the Pistons.
  16. John Havlicek: He helped the Celtics to eight NBA titles and was a five-time defensive all-star.
  17. Dave Cowens: He was a dominating small big man at just 6-9
  18. Willis Reed: If you can win two NBA titles with the New York Knicks you must be great.
  19. Gary Payton: Great trash-talking defensive wiz with the Seattle Supersonics.
  20. Tim Duncan: The Big Fundamental was also the master of the bank shot. Looking to win more titles.
  21. Elgin Baylor: He was a bad general manager with the Clippers but was a great Lakers forward.
  22. Michael Jordan: Trust me. He was better than LeBron James. A stunning player to watch.
  23. Rick Barry: He could shoot conventional or underhanded at the free throw line.
  1. Magic Johnson: This is one of the great numbers of all time also worn by Karl Malone and Kevin McHale.
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The sky hook dominated basketball. Larry Bird also wore this number.
  3. Hakeem Olajuwon: Who remembers the Hakeem shake and bake? One of the best moves in basketball.
  1. Jerry West: Mr. Clutch is the NBA basketball logo for heaven sakes.

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