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Ray Allen says family is more important now than the NBA

Posted by Betonline Team on 11/15/2016 2:40:01 AM
Ray Allen says family is more important now than the NBA

Sharpshooter Ray Allen, who won titles with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, recently announced his retirement from the NBA, which prompted former teammate Rajon Rondo to quip, “I thought he'd been retired.”

So did everybody else. Allen has not played in two seasons although he weighed offers from several teams. He said no fit was right to lure him from his wife and children. Home sweet home was worth more than the $6 million he could earn this season. Allen said he also did not want to go through the rigors of training camp.

“After the 2014 Finals, I didn’t really think I was done, and I thought there would be an opportunity,” Allen said. “Then I was thinking I didn’t necessarily need or want to go to training camp. So I was going to wait and see if there was a team that made sense for me.

“That first year went by, and it didn’t make sense. There was nowhere I thought I could fit in. Coming into last year, I said, ‘Well, let’s see how it goes again.’ I started thinking, ‘Do I really want to do it? Do I want to be with my children? Do I want to be away from my children?’ Then again, there wasn’t a situation that was worth it. Two years went by so quickly.”

Allen, 41, is an avid fitness buff that runs 2 ½ to 10 miles a day. Also, he owns an organic restaurant in South Florida, watches his sons play basketball and works out. And he appears happy and content.

Allen said if he did not have a ring he might have continued playing because he would not have a title.

“One of the biggest factors was for me not to go back was the simple fact that I won twice already,” he said. “I believe going into the 14-15 season, if I hadn’t won a championship, then I would’ve been on somebody’s roster. I would’ve moved. I would’ve tried to make it work any way possible.”

Allen played a huge part in the NBA’s three-point revolution. He is the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point attempts (7,429) and makes (2,973). All of those records are likely to be broken by Golden State’s Steph Curry.

But his goal coming out of UConn was not to make his mark as a sharpshooter.

“My mission my whole career was just to be somebody that you can look at and say that’s the guy I want to go into battle with,” Allen said.

The Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Allen won a title for the Celtics in 2008. One by one they are bowing out. Garnett retired this summer and Pierce said he plans on retiring after this season. All are likely headed for the Hall of Fame.

But Allen said he wouldn't be politic to get in.


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