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University of Milwaukee radio man quits after an Instagram rant

Posted by Betonline team on 4/27/2016 6:24:36 AM
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Let’s face facts. Most radio play-by-play people are homers. They spin the team agenda to appease its fan base.

When they don’t spin they are often fired or lectured and told this is not good for the program.

The University of Milwaukee radio voice Bill Johnson was no different until he became fed up with the program and the people that run it. He recently went on an Instagram rant and resigned as the radio voice after criticizing the athletic program, ending a 16-year relationship with the school.

“To quote Groucho Marx, hello I must be going. Before the decision is made for me,” Johnson wrote. “I am officially announcing my retirement as the voice of Milwaukee Panthers Men’s basketball. I would say it’s taking the last life boat off the Titanic, but that would be unfair to the crew of the Titanic. Never have so many competent, talented people been run off by such a talentless group of entitled bureaucrats. No matter how much the coaches, players and support staff care, they can’t overcome incompetent administrators.”

He was critical of past and present administrators, especially current Athletic Director Amanda Braun.

“If they elected me President I’d take the job,” Johnson wrote. “If I suck at it, it’s not my fault. I’m not qualified to be President. Should Amanda Braun turn down an AD job just because she is horribly under qualified? Hell no. She’s a bad AD and a deplorable human being, but those are cards she’s been dealt. Those in charge of the UW system have failed to hire effective administrators.”

Johnson served a one-game suspension after racially insensitive comments during a Feb. 22 broadcast at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena against Youngstown State.

The school said in a statement: We believe his comments are unwarranted and unfair and are likely motivated by his own suspension from his position in February for making racially insensitive remarks during the broadcast of a Panther game. Johnson was allowed to return to his duties after apologizing to a player and the coach of an opposing team.”

Johnson admitted he was close to basketball coach Rob Jeter who was fired by the school. A number of players requested transfer papers. Johnson believed it was just a matter of time before the school fired him.

“I just had a feeling that with (the suspension) and with my connections to the outgoing coaching staff that I was not going to be asked back to do games,” Johnson told Jimmy Carlton of OnMilwaukee.com.

Johnson softened his stance somewhat when asked about calling Braun a deplorable human being.

“I was sick for a while and she was very nice to me and very concerned,” Johnson told OnMilwaukee.com “And I think for the most part my relationship with her was just fine. I just saw the way she dealt with other people and, specifically the way she dealt with Coach Jeter. And the deplorable human being thing came in when I heard yesterday that she was releasing an 11-year review of Rob Jeter’s coaching tenure. And to me, that’s kicking somebody when they’re down. That’s unnecessary. And to me kicking somebody when they’re down that’s deplorable. So that’s where I came up with that.”


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