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Former boxing champion Klitschko wants to clean up Tyson Fury and his mouth

Posted by Betonline team on 6/27/2016 3:06:46 AM
Former boxing champion Klitschko wants to clean up Tyson Fury and his mouth

Boxer Tyson Fury might be a mad genius. He knows how to bring attention to himself but it might be a good idea for him to tone it down.

Thankfully this is a new world and a new era where you cannot simply make anti-Semitic and anti-gay remarks and get away with it. Fury has as much fury outside the ring with his mouth as he does inside it with his hands.

He appears to be a fun-loving guy that needs to be harnessed just a bit if he wants to be an ambassador to boxing and Great Britain. There is one video where he brags about doing sexual acts to opponents. He does it in a playful manner but it is still not right.

Fury has a huge rematch coming up. He takes on Wladimir Klitschko on July 7 in Manchester. Fury beat the sluggish Klitschko in November to take his world title belts and obviously wants to keep it. But Klitschko, a 40-year-old Ukrainian, said Fury must be more professional.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism and Klitschko called for Fury to be banned. Klitschko also filed a complaint with the British Boxing Board of Control, which reprimanded him. After beating Klitschko for the WBA and WBO titles, Fury made remarks about paedophilia, homosexuality and women, which drew 100,000 people to sign an online petition to have him removed from the BBC’s 2015 Sports Personality of the Year list.

“We cannot have a champion like that,” Klitschko said. “Either he needs to shut up or shut down in the ring, or suspended because you cannot create more hate.”

Fury, 27, apologized for his remarks and said he would display better behavior.

“I was shocked at his statements,” Klitschko said. “When he got to Jewish people he sounded like Hitler. The man is an imbecile.”

Klitschko thought of retirement but the loss to Fury seems to have invigorated him. He not only wants to avenge his loss but wants to clean up the sport of Fury’s mouth.

“It’s embarrassing we have a world champion like Tyson Fury, for the sport, it’s a shame,” Klitschko said. “He’s an idiot, and now this guy has the stage where he can say stupid things in pubic.”


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