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Football betting


Are you looking for the very best football betting and football odds? Look no further than BetOnline for the latest match odds and lines for all the major football leagues like the National Football League (NFL), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Canadian Football League (CFL). American football is big business in the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. In fact, no other sport comes close to its popularity in North America. Internationally, American football comes second only to soccer. Due to its prominent standing, it comes as no surprise that football betting is all the rage, with many online sportsbooks offering bettors the opportunity to wager on their favourite football team. Some of these sportsbooks are much more high-tech and reliable than others, with BetOnline being known as a leading online sportsbook for all football betting. Thanks to BetOnline, it is now more accessible than ever to wager on your favourite team and potentially claim massive wins.

At BetOnline, we offer a wide range of online football betting lines and betting odds, including the NFL, the Superbowl, the NCAA and March Madness and the CFL, among others. Football enthusiasts and bettors will enjoy all the most popular wagering options, including points spread bets, money lines, handicaps, over/under totals, props, futures and so much more. Additionally, bettors and football fans can also take advantage of the football betting online bonuses, promotions and competitions offered at BetOnline throughout the season, only adding to the football action.

BetOnline is an industry leader in sports betting, and one of the top choices for new and experienced bettors wanting a piece of the action. Here you will find an easy-to-use interface, fast payouts, excellent deposit bonuses and early lines. Thanks to BetOnline, football betting has become more accessible and easier than ever before, not to mention much more fun.

Football betting is very similar, whether you are wagering on the NFL or NCAA. Regardless of what type of football betting you prefer, BetOnline has got you covered. At BetOnline, we offer the most up-to-date and reliable football lines, odds and even betting tips, advice and news. There are plenty of football bets to make, including those on the tournament winner, money line, match spread, total points and prop bet. At BetOnline, the stage is set for a calm and seamless betting experience with our huge range of betting opportunities and markets.

Latest Football news stories

    Ole Miss College football thumb
  • Ole Miss football s under fire for recruiting violations

    Posted by BetOnline team on 3/6/2017 8:42:58 AM
    The University of Mississippi Coach Hugh Freeze has been one of the feel good stories in college football as he revived a program that had lost its luster. +…
  • President Trump’s new travel bans angers Olympic runners
  • Running Back Joe Mixon Creates a Dilemma for the NFL

    Posted by Betonline Team on 2/6/2017 3:03:01 AM
    The NFL claims to be at war against domestic violence. NOW the league must figure out what to do with talented Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. +…
  • Dean Spanos Moving to Los Angeles
  • Dean Spanos Moving to Los Angeles

    Posted by Betonline Team on 1/17/2017 12:03:39 AM
    Dean Spanos is the most hated man in San Diego because he is moving the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles in a stadium he doesn’t own and must share with the Los Angeles Rams. +…
  • NFL fired thumb
  • We Analyze Recent Coach Firings

    Posted by BetOnline on 1/4/2017 10:27:14 AM
    Black Friday is a day of gift giving for the holidays. Black Monday in the NFL is not a festive day. . +…
  • Uni of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Uni fires Tracy Claeys

    Posted by BetOnline on 1/3/2017 10:15:01 AM
    Tracy Claeys was not fired as University of Minnesota football coach for bad on field performance. . +…
  • Derek Carr thumb
  • Derek Carr out with serious injury

    Posted by on 12/24/2016 2:58:23 PM
    The concerned look on head coach Jack Del Rio told it all on Saturday. Quarterback Derek Carr, who grew up this season and turned into a Most Valuable Player candidate is out for the remainder of the season and the playoffs with a broken leg. +…

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