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College Football Betting: FBS Independents Preview

Posted by The Wiesguy on 8/13/2015 11:37:51 PM

With Navy joining the AAC this season the number of independent programs is down to only three: Notre Dame, BYU and Army. I am pretty sure that Army is scheduled to join in the AAC in the near future and Notre Dame is essentially part of the ACC which will ultimately leave only BYU. There are always rumours about them joining the Big 12 or the PAC 12 because they want to be part of the power structure. I am not sure why they ever left the Mountain West though. It will be interesting to see what the next round of expansion brings.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Win Total: 9

There is a lot of praise for Notre Dame this season. Some are projecting them into the playoffs which seems a little too lofty for a team that is essentially starting a new quarterback in Malik Zaire and has lots of questions to answer on defense. I think Brian Kelly is a good coach and he has the Irish pointed in the right direction but I am not seeing this team as elite, and they are going to have to be to beat the likes of USC, Stanford, Clemson and Georgia Tech. Not to mention a very hungry Texas team in the opener. They better get that one or this could be a very long season in South Bend.

BYU Cougars


I have to admit I am always higher on the Cougars than I probably should be. The way they operate their program they seem to always have lots of experienced players and even though they are quite a bit removed from their glory years they have a proud tradition. That tradition was built on the arms of tremendous quarterbacks and they have another one in Taysom Hill, who they desperately need to keep healthy. Hill does it differently than his predecessors because he is more of a runner but he is the heart of the team and if he is in the game they can compete with most. I always like how their independent status enables them to play a challenging national schedule, and they do.

Army Cadets


Like the other service academies the Cadets do not enjoy a wealth of talent. Like the others they also operate the run heavy triple option offence , cranking out rushing yards at a good enough clip to slow the pace enough to compete, at least some of the time. Their problem has never been offense though it's defense. It takes precision to build a good offense but defence is about speed and bulk and Army falls short in that department. They can sneak up on bad teams and occasionally lull a mediocre one but they have next to no shot against a bunch of teams on their schedule.

Best bet to go Over: Army

The Cadets have two FCS opponents on their schedule this season. Those are not always gimmes for Army but assuming they get those they just need two more with opponents like Connecticut, Eastern Michigan, Wake Forest, Rice, Tulane and Rutgers. I like those odds.

Best bet to go Under: BYU

The Cougars have a monster schedule designed to position them for a big time postseason if they succeed. They just don’t have the team to match. Take the under. They might finish just 6-6.


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