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Bad attitude sinks Michigan State quarterback to the fourth round of NFL Draft

Posted by Betonline Team on 5/6/2016 4:34:30 AM
Bad attitude sinks Michigan State quarterback to the fourth round of NFL Draft

The slide of the University of Mississippi left tackle Laremy Tinsel from the third pick to the 14th selection in the NFL draft made big news along with weed, bongs and gas mask.

So did the mid-drift shirt of Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott, who made a fashion statement and took a shot at the NCAA for banning the short-cropped football jerseys that he preferred.

But there is a third story that is making the rounds. Why did Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook drop from a first-round selection to a fourth-round quarterback?

No one dropped down draft boards as much as Cook. He did not rape anyone. He did not kill anyone and we did not see him smoking bongs on the Internet.

So what is Connor’s transgression? He is not a really nice guy.

His actions towards others, which included teammates came back to bite him.

The video of Cook snatching the Big Ten MVP trophy from Ohio State Heisman Trophy legend Archie Griffin was a snapshot into what Cook is like.

The NFL did its homework and did not like what it saw even when Cook met with team officials according to one report.

The league also questioned why he was never voted team captain by Michigan State players. Spartans coach Mark Dantonio stuck by old hard traditions that his team only has three captains and center Jack Allen was more popular with teammates.

He might want to rethink things if he has a talented quarterback that fails to make the grade.

First of all, I do believe that Cook tried to clean up his act and was a better guy his senior season. But it was too late. The word was out and there was nothing Cook could do.

The NFL is filled with bad guys. So what is the big deal?

Cook cannot be a leader of a team just yet. He has to rehabilitate himself and show Oakland Raider teammates that he is a good guy and can be trusted.

That is not possible just yet. However, if he comes in as a backup and acts the right way around teammates and in the public, there is a good chance he could become the starting quarterback in Oakland or elsewhere in a couple of years.

Cook needs to be rehabilitated. He is victimized by a guy like Jay Cutler, who was a talented arm but could never really get things rolling with the Chicago Bears because of a sour attitude.

Cook could get away with this if he were an unbelievable talent. He is not. He is simply a good quarterback that is not worth taking a risk on earlier in the draft.

That’s why he slid to the Oakland Raiders who by the way already have a young quarterback in Derek Carr. The Raiders swapped fourth round picks with the Cleveland Browns and gave up a fifth-round pick next season to get Cook.

"Derek's our quarterback," Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie told the Bay Area media. "Whoever we bring in, we're just looking at, can he help us? Can he add to the depth? Can he help our team? That was the only reason we went after him. There was no concern."


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