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College Football Betting: Week 8 Rundown

Posted by The Wiesguy on 10/19/2015 9:39:22 PM

Last week was full of surprising results, probably none greater than what went down at the Big House, enabling Sparty to escape with a win. I am not sure we can expect the same kind of drama this week with MSU but we can hope. Here is a look at them and some other top teams in action.

Thursday October 22

#20 California Bears vs. UCLA Bruins


UCLA -3.5

The Bruins have lost back to back games, essentially killing any chance they had of making the playoffs this season with their super experienced roster. I don’t want to say it was all his fault but the fact that QB Josh Rosen has had his struggles has affected this team significantly. On the other side Jared Goff has mostly delivered, while improving his standings among NFL types. I say mostly because he had five picks in their close loss to Utah last week. A little sharper performance and the Bears might still be undefeated. I will take them to stay close again on the road this week.

Saturday October 24

#6 Clemson Tigers vs. Miami Hurricanes


Clemson -5.5

Even though they had a huge exodus of talent I thought the Tigers would be alright this season. Still, I did not see them ever getting ranked this high but as the ranks of unbeaten teams thin here they are. The Hurricanes bounced back from a loss to Florida State to beat Virginia Tech at home last week and they have just one conference loss, making them very alive in the ACC Coastal. All the pieces are there but they have to start coming through by actually winning a big game. This could be a spot as Clemson is not overpowering. Take the Canes at home plus the points.

Indiana Hoosiers vs. #7 Michigan State Spartans


Michigan State -16.5

The Spartans just beat their biggest rival on one of the most unexpected plays in a decade, so of course there is a chance for a huge letdown as they host a pesky Indiana team this weekend. MSU is known for their steadiness but after last week, and a trip to Nebraska next, it is going to be hard to get up for the Hoosiers. That could be their downfall because Indiana, even though they have lost three straight, has played pretty good ball this season. This is a big number to cover for the Spartans, who are not as strong defensively this season. Take Indiana.

#3 Utah Utes vs USC Trojans


USC -3

This line looks like the ultimate in disrespect for Utah. The Trojans may have superior talent but they have also lost their last two games overall, and their last two at home. You would think they would not be favoured against the third ranked team in the nation. And I forgot to mention how they turfed their coach. Utah might not be the third best team in the country but they have earned that spot and they do the one thing the Trojans don’t, which is get the most out of the talent they have. All that being said I still like USC here. They just have to win essentially.


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