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3 College Football Head Coaches That Could Get Fired By The End Of This Season

Posted by Blake Frazier on 8/18/2015 9:44:58 PM

The college football season is about two weeks away, with coaches trying to make various roster decisions and fine-tune their teams for opening day. Which three coaches are most centrally on the hot seat? These are the clear candidates.

1 – Mike London, Virginia

This is a coach who was retained by Virginia last season, when a lot of speculation suggested that he would be out of a job and looking for a new place to coach, probably as a defensive coordinator. The fact that he was not fired represented a clear surprise to many, but even with that surprise in mind, would anyone be shocked if London was canned this season, should Virginia fail to make a bowl game? The Cavaliers have been drifting along far too often for people close to the program to think that everything’s okay. Consistently losing to archrival Virginia Tech cannot be a source of much comfort for the Cavaliers. Neither can a steady stream of generally disappointing seasons. Virginia did look a lot better in the first half of the 2014 season, but ran out of steam in November. If the Wahoos don’t step up their game in November of 2015, it could all come to an end for London.

2 – Al Golden, Miami

The past several years, Al Golden has had to deal with the fallout from the Nevin Shapiro scandal and the hits that series of events dealt to the Hurricanes’ program. The setbacks in recruiting, the loss of local fan involvement, pressure from the NCAA, missing out on bowl games and the bowl practices a team gets when qualifying for a bowl game – all those things and many others got in the way of Golden’s attempt to rebuild Miami football into a power. Last year, though, most of the aftereffects caused by the Shapiro scandal had come and gone. Golden needed to move the program forward, but after a loss to a not-that-good South Carolina team in the Independence Bowl, Miami had not done anything to suggest or indicate that it was ready to be even better in the ACC Coastal Division. There are a lot of skeptics surrounding Miami right now, but that’s not what matters. Golden doesn’t need to appease his critics; he needs to win games and make Miami a factor in the ACC. A six-win season will get him fired. A seven-win season will still probably get him fired, though it would likely be a close decision. Golden has to win at least eight regular season games in order to think he can stick around another year.

3 – Tim Beckman, Illinois

The coach of the Illini did make a bowl game last season, but a lot of offseason reports about his alleged treatment of players have cast his authority and leadership style into question. Beckman needs to improve Illinois on the field this season, because if he doesn’t, the collective weight of all the off-field distractions could very easily sink him. No one at Illinois wants the headache of various public-image problems unless Beckman wins at a much higher rate.


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