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2013 NFL Betting, Online NFL Betting Odds & Lines

2015 NFL Football Betting – Cowboys vs. Redskins Preview

Posted by Stan Simmons on 12/4/2015 9:13:42 PM

The NFL football season continues this Monday, and the Washington Redskins are living right. The Redskins caught a big break a week and a half ago. It won’t be hard to guess what that break was.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins – Monday, December 7

Betting Line: Redskins -4.5

Why The Cowboys Will Win

This is a game the Cowboys can still win in spite of the injury to Tony Romo. The Redskins have not been a consistent team this year; no one in the NFC East has been. The division doesn’t have a single winning team. The Cowboys might not dominate this game, but the Redskins could certainly make enough mistakes to lose it. Kirk Cousins has struggled at quarterback this season. He has struggled less than other quarterbacks in the division, and he’s been healthier than Romo and Sam Bradford, but that doesn’t mean he’s been playing well. The Redskins are part of an NFL in which a strong majority of the league’s 32 teams do not have winning records at the beginning of December. Washington’s offense is very vulnerable to Dallas’ defense, which will be able to contain Cousins as a scrambler whereas it could not contain the much faster (and better) Cam Newton a week ago on Thanksgiving Day. This is a different matchup for Dallas’ defense, one the Cowboys should be able to manage. They can bury Cousins if they can get a good forward push with their pass rush, and that wasn’t as doable with Newton and the Panthers.

Why The Redskins Will Win

The Redskins have to know that with Tony Romo out for Dallas, the Cowboys are in deep trouble. Dallas wasn’t able to win a single game in Romo’s absence. Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden were not able to do the job. Weeden actually played better than Cassel, but Dallas and head coach Jason Garrett felt it was important to give Cassel a chance to see what he could do. When Romo returned, Dallas won, but then as soon as there seemed to be at least some hope that Dallas could make a run at a 7-9 record and an outside chance at a playoff spot, Romo got injured again versus Carolina on Thanksgiving. It deflates the team, so it affects morale, but it’s obviously important mostly because it robs the Cowboys of their best passer. That’s where they’ll feel the hurt of this the most. Dez Bryant and Jason Witten need someone who can give them the ball in the right spot and on time. No one on the active roster can do that, and so Washington should be able to limit the Cowboys’ offense and their capacity to make big plays. As long as the Redskins don’t turn the ball over, they should be in very good shape in this game.

Who Will Win

The idea that Dallas can win is legitimate, but the margin for error is still way too narrow without Romo. You have to bet on the Redskins, at least in the sense that Dallas has to prove it can win without Romo before anyone should bet on the Cowboys.

NFL Football Betting Pick: Redskins -4.5


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