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Here are the top NFL players in the passing game

Posted by Betonline team on 8/17/2016 1:35:56 AM
Here are the top NFL players in the passing game

The NFL has turned into a passing league. Running backs are important but for the most part they are disposable people.

They are not as important as a quarterback. We always knew that but great teams can win easier with great wide receivers and defensive ends as the league trends towards more athletes on the outside. With that said here is a list of the top passers and catchers in the NFL.


  1. Tom Brady New England Patriots:
    428 touchdown passes. This might be the greatest quarterback ever.

  2. Drew Brees New Orleans Saints:
    428: He revived his career after a shoulder injury.

  3. Eli Manning New York Giants:
    294: He is a rags to riches type of guy with two rings.

  4. Phillip Rivers San Diego Chargers:
    281: The Chargers are happy the Giants did not want him.

  5. Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers:
    272: Big Ben is a rugged blue collar guy.

  6. Carson Palmer:
    259: You never think great but he is productive.

  7. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers:
    257: He can win and does win games by himself.

  8. Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys:
    247: Time is running out on winning a title.

  9. Jay Cutler Chicago Bears:
    204: Talented but is too flaky.

  10. Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons:
    202: He is one the most accurate passers in the NFL.


  1. Andre Johnson Tennessee Titans:
    14,100 yards: He is big and physical and can get the tough yards.

  2. Steve Smith Sr. Baltimore Ravens:
    13,932: He is tiny but strong and smart

  3. Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals:
    13,366: He is another big receiver who made big plays.

  4. Anquan Bolden San Francisco 49ers:
    13,195: Moving to Detroit hoping to help the Lions.

  5. Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears:
    11,273: Might have done better if more disciplined early.

  6. Jason Whitten Dallas Cowboys:
    11,215: Every team looks for the next great tight end like Whitten.

  7. Roddy White Atlanta Falcons:
    10,863: Enjoyed a great career with Matt Ryan.

  8. Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers:
    10,644: Former basketball player is headed to the Hall of Fame.

  9. Wes Welker New England Patriots 9,924:
    Did most of his damage with the Pats before moving on. Really quick.

  10. Marques Colston New Orleans Saints: 9,759:
    He was dangerous across the middle.


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