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Kansas City Chiefs give abuser a running chance

Posted by Betonline team on 5/20/2016 11:15:05 AM
Bad attitude sinks Michigan State quarterback to the fourth round of NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs brag about character and doing what is right for the community at large. But that did not stop them from drafting wide receiver/return man Tyreek Hill in the fifth round, who was dismissed by Oklahoma State less than two years ago for choking his then pregnant girlfriend.

These are not allegations. The incident happened.

Hill admitted to it in a court of law.

“I was in a fight with my girlfriend that turned physical between us and I wrongfully put her in a headlock, putting external pressure on her neck that compressed her airway causing bodily harm,” Hill said in a signed statement.

So why draft him? Hill is fast and can return kickoffs and punts better than most. He can head up the Chiefs special teams. Talent wins out over common sense.

That has stirred up the community. Some women’s groups plan protests and there is anger on social media.

So when the NFL says it is all about curbing domestic violence, take it with a grain of salt. If a guy can play he gets to play. If he is just a marginal player he is punished for domestic violence by the league.

Hill did wrong. His girlfriend was eight weeks pregnant when she walked into an emergency room with cuts and bruises on her face and neck. Her head was slammed against a wall and he was thrown to the floor.

Hill will get a chance because he can run, just as defensive end Greg Hardy got a chance because he can chase quarterbacks. Hardy is out of the league now because he was disruptive in the Dallas Cowboys locker room.

Hill reached a plea bargain and pleaded guilty. If he obeys the terms of the probation his record would be wiped clean in 2018. No one is asking for a death sentence and maybe Hills is on the road to recovery. After getting kicked out of Oklahoma State he stayed out of trouble at Division II West Alabama.

“I know that I would never put this community in any type of situation where it would not be good and we’ve done that,” Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey told the Kansas City Star.

The Chiefs held an impromptu press conference to talk about why they drafted Hill and also about their fight with domestic violence. Coach Andy Reid assured everyone that the Chiefs did their due diligence and researched Hill and wants the media to give him a chance.

Of course there is a chance Hill does not make the team. But if he does his every move will be monitored. And the protesters are likely to show up around Arrowhead Stadium.


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