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We Analyze Recent Coach Firings

Posted by BetOnline on 1/4/2017 10:26:33 AM
Recent NFL coaches who were fired

It is the day we analyze the recent coaching firings. A total of five coaches were fired and that number could grow. Gary Kubiak in Denver decided to retire. What went wrong? We look at the recent firings and tell you.

Buffalo Bills

Out: Rex Ryan

Record: 15-16 (two seasons)

Why: This man sure talked a good game and was media friendly. However, Ryan has not coached a team to the playoffs since 2010 and that was with the New York Jets, not the Bills.

Coaching mistakes were the norm. During a late overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins the Bills had just 10 men on the field on a critical Dolphins run in overtime.

“I’m responsible for everything,” Ryan said about the play. “But everybody professionally has a job to do. That’ the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and it should never have happened, but it happened. And it cost us the game. That’s how I look at it.”

Rex’s brother Rob was also fired as defensive coordinator as the Bills allowed 30 or more points five times this season.

Denver Broncos:

Out: Gary Kubiak

Record: 21-11 and a Super Bowl championship

Why: Kubiak is officially retiring after the front office suggested changes within his staff. He remains loyal to his guys and opted out rather than coach without them. Kubiak guided the Broncos to a Super Bowl championship in 2015 with a stingy defense and broken down Peyton Manning who retired after the celebration.

The Broncos insist Kubiak retired for health reasons. He said he could not do the same job as he’s done in the past and said assistant coaches were doing the bulk of the work and helping him

The Broncos lost heir apparent Brock Osweiller to free agency and endured a quarterback musical chairs this season. The defense is still good but infighting took over when the Broncos lost four of their last five games to slip out of the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Out: Gus Bradley

Record: 14-48

Why: He was a bang up defensive coordinator with Seattle and all that talent. However, the Jags ranked 28th, 26th, 31st and 26th in points allowed under Bradley. It didn’t help that quarterback Blake Bortles turned into a turnover machine, often leaving the defense in a bad spot.

The offense was supposed to carry the Jags who came into the season with playoff aspirations. But the bandwagon never got rolling and they finished last in the AFC South. Bortles has thrown a league high pick six interceptions the last three seasons and 51 picks overall. He also fumbled the ball 27 times.

Los Angeles Rams

Out: Jeff Fisher

Record: 31-45-1 (four seasons)

Why: They call him 7-9 Jeff which seemed to be his record every season. Fisher never had a winning season in four tries in St. Louis and Los Angeles after the franchise moved. Things unraveled this season (4-9-1) as Fisher tried to win with Case Keenum at quarterback. Fisher switched to rookie Jared Goff, but he proved ineffective also.

The Rams averaged just 12.6 points a game during five home losses. That was too much for him to overcome.

“This was solely a performance related issue,” Rams COO Kevin Demoff told reporters in LA. “When you look at the team, and where it is, and how we get better moving forward – for the fans, for the players, for the coaches, for the organization – we want to make sure games like (Atlanta) doesn’t happen again.”

The Rams lost 42-14 to Atlanta which signified a last straw.

San Diego Chargers

Out: Mike McCoy:

Record: 27-36 (four seasons)

Why: The Chargers are expected to move to Los Angeles and how can they sell a coach to a new fan base who has missed the playoffs the last four years, which includes a 9-21 mark the last two? You can’t. So McCoy is out.

The Chargers were also the victims of bad luck. They failed to finish games and lost nine of 11 games by one score. They also lost a bunch of players to injuries.

“We’ve had an opportunity to win every game we’ve been in,” McCoy said before getting fired. “And unfortunately, there’s a different reason each week for the number of losses we’ve had.”

Management determined that the tiny margin for error was caused by coaching.


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