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Posted by Betonline team on 3/18/2016 2:40:32 AM

Cornerback Brent Grimes signed a two-year, $13.5 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which isn’t huge news in itself.

Here is the big news. Grimes is a Pro Bowl cornerback who was released by the Miami Dolphins because his wife Miko Grimes had been arrested, talked badly about Dolphin teammates, and is a social media bully who threatens teammates and media members.

She is such a disruption that at least three NFL teams refused to talk to her husband about playing for them after he was released, even though he was the Dolphins best cornerback and is one of the best in the league.

Miko wasn’t the only issue. The Dolphins saved $8 million by releasing him. Brent Grimes also struggled against bigger receivers.

Salguero wrote: “(Grimes) didn’t play as well in 2015 as he had in the past, was scheduled to make a lot of money, and came packaged with issues best described in two words: Miko Grimes.”

After Brent signed with Tampa, Miko was at it again.

Here is what she wrote to a Tampa Bay beat writer after she took her Twitter account down.

"The Bucs are a REAL organization, being ran PROPERLY, unlike that dumpster fire in the AFC East we just left! They wouldn't DARE ask me to delete my Twitter! I deleted my Twitter (because) I didn't want the Twitter gangsters and thumb thugs to have anyone to @ when they found out the Bucs (and multiple other teams) made them all look STUPID! Who doesn't want a Pro Bowl corner that's doing s— NO OTHER CORNER IN THE LEAGUE CAN DO! Men lie! Women lie! Stats lie! The media lies! (You) know what's undefeated? FILM!!! We are HAPPY and I don't feel like sharing it with anyone just yet. I'll be back very soon and I'll be the same supportive, dedicated, truthful b— I was before I left!"

She is promising to keep on being a bad influence outside the locker room.

She threatened Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero after he reported that the Dolphins were going to release her husband saying: “That fat (bleep) Armando thinks he’s safe from the bullets bc we might be released is the funniest part of this whole thing.”

Last September she was arrested outside of Met Life Stadium in Miami for battery and violence on an officer. She was released from her duties as a sports talk show host after the incident. And she even ripped quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

There were too many incidents for the Dolphins to tolerate. They released Brent and are in the process of signing cornerbacks with less talent.

The Bucs were desperate to sign Grimes. Opponents completed nearly 70 percent of their pass attempts against a porous defense. Grimes was ranked the 12th best cornerback by former General Manager Bill Polian and a top 100 free agent.

“Brent will come in and provide an immediate upgrade at a position we felt we needed to address in the offseason,” Tampa General Manager Jason Licht said in a statement. “His familiarity with our defensive system, combined with his aggressive style of play makes him an ideal fit for us.”

Brent might be an ideal fit, but what about Miko?


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