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2013 NFL Betting, Online NFL Betting Odds & Lines

Our first NFL power rankings

Posted by Betonline team on 8/19/2016 3:57:05 AM
Our first NFL power rankings
  1. Carolina Panthers:
    The Panthers lost in the Super Bowl and their defense looks nasty in addition to its solid offence.

  2. Denver Broncos:
    It’s time to move on from Peyton Manning but this team is built on defense.

  3. Pittsburgh Steelers:
    The stars sat against the Detroit Lions but Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are a nice start.

  4. New England Patriots:
    This might be high for a team without the suspended Tom Brady but they remain a threat until further notice.

  5. Arizona Cardinals:
    Are you looking for a Super Bowl sleeper?

  6. Seattle Seahawks:
    They are slipping off the radar but still have great defensive players and attitude.

  7. Minnesota Vikings:
    If we are talking Touchdown Teddy Bridgewater as a breakout player, the Vikes could unseat Green Bay as beasts of the NFC North.

  8. Green Bay Packers:
    Watch the offence, which can disappear at times under Aaron Rodgers.

  9. Kansas City Chiefs:
    The big danger here is Alex Smith or Nick Foles will quarterback the team.

  10. Cincinnati Bengals:
    This team is good but never good enough.

  11. Oakland Raiders:
    The Raiders are developing good talent and are finally ready to beat people.

  12. Dallas Cowboys:
    It’s been a long time since America’s team was America’s nightmare.

  13. Houston Texans:
    J.J. Watts is the best player in the league but they need Brock Osweiler to be one of the best.

  14. New York Giants:
    There is a new direction here but the running game remains the key.

  15. New York Jets:
    Can improving special teams be the key this season?

  16. Washington Redskins:
    We are sure Kirk Cousins does not like this low ranking.

  17. Indianapolis Colts:
    Once upon a time this franchise knocked on the door to greatness under Andrew Luck.

  18. Chicago Bears:
    This is the second year of a new scheme that might take hold.

  19. Detroit Lions:
    The defensive front is tough as nails. The offensive front is not.

  20. Baltimore Ravens:
    This is another team that is dangerous but on the decline.

  21. Buffalo Bills:
    Maybe Rex Ryan can work magic here. Then maybe not.

  22. Jacksonville Jaguars:
    This could be a surprise team. Nice young talent.

  23. New Orleans Saints:
    It has not been the same since Bounty Gate.

  24. Atlanta Falcons:
    Rookies like Deion Jones and De’Vonre Campbell will take on defense.

  25. Miami Dolphins:
    At least Ndamukong Suh is getting paid.

  26. Philadelphia Eagles:
    Wait! Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz already has a hairline fracture in the ribs?

  27. San Diego Chargers:
    Melvin Gordon looks good, which is critical.

  28. Los Angeles Rams:
    Case Keenum outplayed rookie Jared Goff. That is not good.

  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
    They are going to try to free running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims out of the backfield.

  30. Tennessee Titans:
    Which DeMarco Murry do we see?

  31. San Francisco 49ers:
    They could use a guy like Jim Harbaugh.

  32. Cleveland Browns:
    This is not the best spot for a Robert Griffin III comeback, but beggars can’t be choosy.


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