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Man’s Best Friend Offers A Helping Hand To Cross Country Skiers In Sochi

Posted by David Miller on 8/10/2018 4:29:41 PM

We live in a generation obsessed with YouTube where seemingly everything is captured on video. Type it in and you’ll find it, humans trying to do everything you can possibly imagine. Everyone is guilty of at some point aimlessly browsing through YouTube and typing in random phrases for entertainment, such as man getting hit in the groin with a football, one of my personal favorites. It should also come as no surprise that we live in a world obsessed with pets and the mundane things they do. Cat and dog videos dominate internet views and pet lovers have more than their fair share of videos to choose from. As the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics approaches your furry friends are back at it again. This time it’s a stray dog that has decided to take on the role of a coach, as he barks orders to skiers in the middle of the cross country ski track. For all you animal lovers this one’s for you.



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