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We all rooted for Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

Posted by Betonline Team on 8/24/2016 3:05:53 AM
We all rooted for Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

During the Summer Olympic Games, it’s all about the red, white and blue. We root for the United States. We rooted for the Final Five women’s gymnastics team and the greatness of swimmer Michael Phelps. We rooted for the United States in judo and rowing and wrestling.

But there was one exception.

This country adopted Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and his thunderbolt and all his other antics on the track. He is a showman and has been the show in track and field. He brings the NFL on the track, smiling and clowning. In the starting blocks, Bolt softly brings his finger to his lips as if to hush the crowd and brings those very same people to their feet as he bolts from the starting blocks.

He will go down as the greatest sprinter in history after scorching the field in the 100-meter and 200-meter and will leave this Olympics with nine gold medals in three Olympic Games.

He also holds world records in the 100 (9.58 seconds) and the 200 (19.19), both set during the 2009 World championships in Berlin.

“I am happy,” Bolt said. “I’m proud of myself. This is what I came here for.”

Let’s make another confession. Many of us rooted for Bolt ahead of American Justin Gatlin, who was booed under the cloud of cheating after a suspension from the sport and will never be forgiven. He took a lead over Bolt in the 100 before being reeled in and did not make the 200 finals.

He heard the boos and it hurt.

“You hear everything,” Gatlin said. “But you tune that stuff out.”

But no one could tune Bolt out whether you were from Jamaica, Brazil or the United States.


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