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Top 10 Hottest Sideline Reporters in the United States

Posted by David Miller on 4/21/2016 9:35:02 AM

We all watch them and look forward to their coaches interviews at halftime – even though most of those questions and answers are pointless and reveal nothing to the viewer. There are some that stand out from the crowd based on their journalistic skills and then there are some that stand out merely for their looks. Most of the people on this list possess both, which is a true find in this day and age. We’ve narrowed this list to only include the sideline reporters who work in the United States, so we apologize for no Ines Sainz pictures.

10) Michelle Beisner, NFL Network

Sideline Reporter Michelle Beisner

We start off this list with our oldest entry, but you wouldn’t know it, Michelle Beisner. Michelle is a former model, Denver Broncos’ cheerleader and movie star in Any Given Sunday, but she now lends her craft to the NFL Network.

Michelle keeps in tremendous shape and shows off what she’s got from the field. She’s had many stints with various networks including Fox Sports, Comcast, ESPN, CBC, NBC and ABC.

9) Laura McKeeman, Fox Sports San Diego

Sideline Reporter Laura McKeeman

Laura McKeeman has added a spark to the FOX Sports San Diego broadcast that features the legendary, Dick Enberg. Laura is a former ballet dancer and beauty queen as seen by the picture above. She also majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Florida, so her role isn’t solely based on her looks, but they don’t hurt.

Laura previously was working Tampa Bay Rays’ games at FOX Sports Florida before the switch and the people of San Diego are happy over that move.

8) Erin Andrews, FOX Sports

Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews

Yes, I know – how could you put the legend, Erin Andrews in the number 8 position? The truth is that she was the pioneer that opened many doors for sideline hotties, but she’s been doing it so long that her students have taken over.

The glamour girl who worked the sidelines for many years on ESPN is now doing it for FOX Sports. She now has a more prominent role seeing her work as a host on Fox College Football Kickoff and Fox College Saturday, as well as continuing her sideline reporting for FOX on NFL Sundays.

7) Samantha Ponder, ESPN

Sideline Reporter Samantha Ponder

Some might consider Samantha Ponder, the younger version of Erin Andrews. She’s now working the sidelines for ESPN and happens to be married to Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Christian Ponder.

Samantha has the flowing blonde hair and beautiful eyes that can draw any viewer closer to their television screen. She honed her craft at the Longhorn Network covering Texas Longhorn games, but now her beauty and hotness can be seen by the entire country.

6) Jennifer Hale, FOX Sports & FOX Sports New Orleans

Sideline Reporter Jennifer Hale

Probably the most underrated sideline reporter of the entire list is Jennifer Hale. Jennifer came onto our television screens in 2011 and has been a constant on NFL Football Sundays. During the week, she can also be found working New Orleans Pelicans’ games for FOX Sports New Orleans.

Jennifer is a former news anchor and investigative reporter that has won various awards including the Edward R. Murrow Award, an Emmy and an AP award. It might seem strange with that resume that she decided to dedicate her time to sports sideline reporting, but we’re not complaining. It allows us to see that beautiful face, figure and personality. A victory for us!

5) Kristina Akra, MLB Network, MASN, FoxSports South

Sideline Reporter Kristina Akra

Kristina Akra was a Miami Heat dancer before she made the jump to reporting. She started covering college basketball for Cox Sports, the Big East Network and the SEC Network before making the jump to Major League Baseball.

Kristina can now be found on MASN as the in-game reporter for the Washington Nationals and on the post-game show Nats Xtra. She’s fairly new to this game, but she’s got the whole package and might just have the best body in the business.

4) Amanda Pflugrad, Total College Sports, CBS Sports Network

Sideline Reporter Amanda Pflugrad

Amanda Pflugrad can be found on the Total College Sports network and the CBS Sports Network where she serves as female host and reporter. She interviews coaches and athletes and I’m sure nobody’s ever said no to this former Oregon Ducks cheerleader.

During her Oregon days, Amanda made headlines by becoming the featured cheerleader on the Sports Illustrated website. Soon after, photos were leaked of her on a booze cruise and Amanda became an overnight sensation. If there were ever a hometown hottie for sideline reporters, Amanda is our pick and she won’t be shy in showing off her assets.

3) Molly McGrath, FOX Sports 1 & Fox Sports

Sideline Reporter Molly McGrath Sideline Reporter Molly McGrath>

Molly McGrath created a perfect path to a big network after studying Broadcast Journalism at Boston College. A one-time production assistant at ESPN, Molly worked that into a sideline reporter role and arena host for the Boston Celtics.

Molly can now be found turning heads on the new national sports network, Fox Sports 1. She’s an anchor, host and reporter and on NFL Sunday she can be found on the field as a sideline reporter for FOX Sports. Molly stands out from most of the crowd and actually creates her own crowd from her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

2) Jenny Dell, NESN Boston

Sideline Reporter Jenny Dell Sideline Reporter Jenny Dell>

NESN had a tough job in replacing Heidi Watney. It was never going to be easy, but we think they did a tremendous job in finding Jenny Dell. A former ESPN admin that was spotted for her good looks and put on air, Jenny struck gold in landing a gig with one of MLB’s most historic teams.

It’s enjoyable enough to watch the World Series Champion Red Sox play, but it’s made better with constant updates from Jenny. Jenny teases the crowd with sexy sun dresses and a beautiful smile, but I would be lying if I didn’t give mention to her two large assets.

1) Jenn Brown, NFL Network

Sideline Reporter Jenn Brown Sideline Reporter Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown has the total package – the face, the body, the curves and the smarts. She’s the cream of the crop and it’s unfortunate that her new gig at the NFL Network doesn’t have her strut her stuff on the NFL sidelines. It looks like our favorite sideline girl might be hanging it up for a hosting and news gig at the NFL Network. That’s still OK with us, as we can still have a look at those long, tanned and toned legs.

Jenn is not just another blonde reporter, as she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida. She was a well-accomplished student athlete that excelled in softball. We watched her each year as the sideline reporter for ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football and we will always have those memories.

If you haven’t paid for the NFL Network yet, Jenn Brown might be a great excuse.


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