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Despite injury sprinter Usain Bolt plans on going out on top

Posted by Betonline team on 7/22/2016 5:20:58 AM
Despite injury sprinter Usain Bolt plans on going out on top

Usain Bolt is the fastest man ever. When healthy no one can beat him in the 100 and 200-meters. His strides are long and true and often the showman is showboating even before hitting the finish line.

Yet Bolt has never had the perfect season. And he won’t again as he takes the final strides of his career. He missed the Jamaican Olympic trials with a hamstring injury that was probably caused by re-occurring back problems.

He is 30 now and injuries happen more frequently. But he still plans on going out on top. Bolt received a medical exemption and plans to race in the Rio games next month. It is the right move because Bolt is the face and king of the sprints. Without him is it really an Olympics?

“These are the Olympics that separate me from the pack,” Bolt told Sports Illustrated during a series of interviews. “I’m older now, and it’s harder for me. But anytime I start feeling really down, I remind myself, you have got to get this done this year. What do I think about for my retirement? I just think about not doing track anymore. You know what I mean?”

One of the races people still talk about is his world record 100-meter time of 9.69 seconds in Beijing. He broke away from the field and turned to the crowd as he crossed the finish line to a thundering ovation.

“We’ve seen Bolt a lot of times since then,” said United States sprinter Michael Johnson. “But that night in Beijing that was the first time. He came out and just ran away. That race was over at 50 meters. He wasn’t coming back and those guys all knew it. I had never seen anything like it”

Bolt also broke the 200-meter record in that meet and established himself as the greatest of all time.

Bolt also showed the world the lightning bolt. But it actually is not. He copied his signature celebration from a Jamaican tourism advertisement.

This Olympics will be about Bolt. Can he recover from injury and be the man that dominates the field? He is 40-4 in the 100-meters the last eight years and 27-1 in the 200, his strongest event. He lost to Yohan Blake in the Jamaican 200 Olympic trails in 2012 but beat Blake in the London games later that summer.

Now the end of near. Bolt plans on racing in the Olympics this summer and then retire after the World games.

“Sometimes I question myself,” he said. “Why am I still doing this? I’ve accomplished so much in the sport, you know what I mean? I still want to accomplish more, but it gets harder over time. I talked to Michael Johnson about this, how you shouldn’t stick around too long. The more you race, the more you tear down your body. I’ve been telling people this for years that I’m a lazy person and I don’t think they believe me. But I really am. I don’t like training.”


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