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ESPN OJ Simpson documentary is a huge hit

Posted by Betonline Team on 6/24/2016 4:45:37 AM
ESPN OJ Simpson documentary is a huge hit

More than twenty years ago the OJ Simpson trial of the century came to a close in a Los Angeles courtroom.

When he was found not guilty of the murders of his wife Nicole Simpson and waiter Ron Goldman on Oct 3, 1995, most of black America cheered and most of white America shook its head in anger. We are still reacting today.

That is why the five-part ESPN documentary “OJ: Made in America” directed by Ezra Edelman is so compelling. It shows why Simpson is a sociopath and murderer. It also shows why Simpson walked away from the bloody murders. He had also wanted nothing with the civil rights movement that boiled around him as a star football player at USC and the Buffalo Bills.

And 20 years ago he became a shining symbol of payback for all the injustices the Los Angeles Police Department shoved down the throat of the black citizens of the city.

Before the trial, Simpson was a black man that transcended race. One of the famous quotes allegedly from Simpson is “I am not black, I am OJ.” He got away with crimes both big and small from high school right up to the verdict of the murder trial.

Was he OJ Simpson or the Great Houdini?

He was handsome and charming and surrounded himself with rich white men and beautiful white women. Simpson lived in Brentwood where few African Americans lived and were profiled when they did venture into the neighborhood. Not OJ. He was a member of plush country clubs and was one of one the first high-profile pitchmen with Hertz Rent-A-Car.

When Dr Harry Edwards asked him to be part of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, Simpson declined to join the voices of Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali.

“OJ had ambitions to be famous, rich and liked by everybody,” Edelman told ESPN. “And I think he understood that being political and militant as a black athlete was not a way to engender universal love.”

The irony is race along with the bumbling of the LAPD got him off from a horrific murder. Yes, there are graphic photos from the crime scene. It was a crime of passion as Goldman and Nicole literally had their heads chopped off.

His dream team defense team played the race card so much that at the end Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro said the race card “was dealt from the bottom of the deck.” However, the prosecution created reasonable doubt because the jury viewed Detective Mark Fuhrman as a racist who may have planted evidence against Simpson.

This documentary is a must-see. It shows the great racial divide back then and the great racial divide today. Most blacks tell us why they believe Simpson is innocent and why most whites believe he did it. However, this was payback for the black community, something former President Jimmy Carter warned former Prosecutor Gil Garcetti would happen before the verdict.

Edelman and his team do exhaustive work, obtaining never seen before footage of Simpson before and after the trial. That included a video of Simpson in his home after the trial. This is a punch in the face at times, but well worth viewing.

More than twenty years ago the OJ Simpson trial of the century came to a close in a Los Angeles courtroom.


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